ISE® Southeast Schedule of Events 2019

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


February 5, 2019
5:30pm - 8:30pm

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

11 AM - 3 PM: Registration

Location: Chastain Terrace, Sixth Floor

3 PM - 8 PM: Registration

Location: Augusta CC 4&5, Foyer-- attached to Westin 7th Level

11:15 AM: ISE® Signature Luncheon (Invitation Only)

Location: Chastain F, Sixth Floor

12:50 PM: Welcoming Remarks and Introductions

Location: Chastain 1&2, Sixth Floor
Marci McCarthy

Marci McCarthy
CEO and President of T.E.N.
CEO and Chairman of ISE® Talent

T.E.N.'s CEO & President will welcome guests, provide an overview of the program agenda and event purpose, and introduce the speakers and sponsors of the ISE® Northeast Executive Forum and Awards 2019.

1:00 PM: Keynote Address

Location: Chastain 1&2, Sixth Floor
Bob Varnadoe

Bob Varnadoe
Chief Information Security Officer
ISE® Southeast Executive Award Finalist 2018

1:35 PM: Interactive Executive Roundtables

Location: Chastain 1&2, Sixth Floor

The Interactive Executive Roundtables brings together ISE® Nominees, industry leaders, invited guests, and sponsor delegates to meet each other and join in interactive discussions on key industry issues as well as share best practices. The interactive roundtable discussions are hosted by our leading ISE® Alumni.

Creating a Dynamic and Actionable Information Security Plan

Phani Dasari
VP, Global Third Party Risk Management

Even though the need is great for organizations to have an active and effective information security plan in place, few have taken the time to continuously adapt their plans to fit the company’s evolving business. However, in order for cyber risks to be monitored and managed, security teams need to be on the same page about how vulnerabilities in the system are assessed, how data assets are identified and managed, and what key business processes are crucial in case such processes are jeopardized or disrupted due to a cyber event. As enterprises continue moving to the cloud and instituting BYOD policies, an information security plan should also incorporate strict procedures and control protocols on third parties and the devices used within the business. This includes technology that will be able to monitor users, analyze activity in-house and remotely, and enact appropriate risk management tactics when necessary. Join our discussion to learn how, above all, a well-designed InfoSec plan will continue to stay up to date with the latest policy and compliance changes while also undergoing continuous cyber hygiene so data, hardware, and software remain current and secure.

Company Security Culture

Kevin Treanor
Staff Vice President, Security Technology Management

As numerous data breaches have placed organizations’ brands and CEOs’ jobs on the line, security is gradually becoming a priority for C-suite executives and board members alike to integrate into company culture on every level. When your organization moves beyond simply discussing security to taking actionable steps, you’ll know cybersecurity has become a priority within your company. To make that transition from “talking” to “doing,” C-suite members are responsible for convincing board members to adopt cybersecurity as a top-down initiative. The more support C-suite leaders can garner from the board, the more likely they can receive the support and funding for resources and the development of a security program. In addition, having business leaders embody a culture of security with actions as well as rhetoric can have a positive impact on employees, who often receive the brunt of training initiatives, email alerts, and security tests in an organization. Join our discussions as we learn how leadership promoting the positives of security while eliminating apathy, division, and self-interest from the culture will help ensure security behaviors change throughout the company for the better.

Creating a Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Vladimir Svidesskis
Information Security Director
Georgia Lottery Corporation

The more data and applications move to the cloud, the more security executives have to balance business productivity with compliance and information security. The rules for both physical security and legacy program security cannot be applied to a cloud infrastructure, adding further complications for security teams to perform consistent due diligence. While some security procedures are the responsibility of the cloud service provider (CSP) to maintain, others are at the sole discretion of the consumer to ensure. Therefore, it is critical for both security executives and the C-suite to understand what cloud services they are buying, how to use the tools CSPs provide, and in what areas their security team needs to more proactively protect. Join our discussions to learn how a thorough understanding of your company’s cloud capabilities and infrastructure aids security professionals in having a much higher chance of preventing cyber threats from taking advantage of overlooked vulnerabilities.

2:35 PM: Afternoon Break

2:45 PM: ISE® Southeast Nominee Showcase Presentation #1

Location: Chastain 1&2, Sixth Floor

3:05 PM: ISE® Southeast Exabyte Sponsor Showcase Presentation

Location: Chastain 1&2, Sixth Floor

Our Exabyte Sponsor will facilitate a 20 minute industry presentation around a top-of-mind security issue facing InfoSec executives today.

3:25 PM: Information Security Executive® Deep Dive Panel

Location: Chastain 1&2, Sixth Floor

An industry cross section of ISE Alumni and leading security executives explore today’s hottest security trends and issues and the key challenges they are facing now and in the future.


Joe Bennett

Joe Bennett
Hertz Corporation


Lynda Fleury

Lynda Fleury
Vice President and CISO
ISE® Southeast Executive Award Winner 2008
ISE® North America Executive Award Finalist 2005


Craig  Froelich

Joey Johnson
Premise Health
ISE® Southeast Executive of the Year Award Winner 2017
ISE® North America Executive: Health Care Award Finalist 2017


4:10 PM: ISE® Southeast Nominee Showcase Presentation #2

Location: Chastain 1&2, Sixth Floor

4:30 PM: ISE® Southeast Nominee Showcase Presentation #3

Location: Chastain 1&2, Sixth Floor

4:50 PM: Late Afternoon Break

5:00 PM: ISE® VIP Reception (Invitation Only)

Location: The Overlook, Sixth Floor

ISE® Nominees, sponsors and special guests will have the opportunity to network in a private setting with beverages and appetizers.

6:00 PM: Sponsor Pavilion and Dinner Buffet

Location: Augusta CC 4&5-- attached to Westin 7th Level

Guests enjoy gourmet dinner while networking and meeting the sponsors. Honoring and celebrating the Award Nominees for 2019, this exciting occasion will bring together top security executives to recognize the individuals who have made significant and positive impact on their organizations through exemplary performance.

7:30 PM: Sponsor Tear Down

Location: Augusta CC 4&5-- attached to Westin 7th Level

7:45 PM: ISE® Southeast Awards Gala

Location: 200 Building Whitehall Ballroom

Honoring and celebrating the ISE® Southeast Award Nominees, this exciting occasion will bring together top security executives to recognize the individuals and the project teams who have made significant and positive impact on their organizations through exemplary performance. Don't miss the Passport for Prizes drawing and a chance to win outstanding gifts from our ISE® sponsors.

Pete Chronis
SVP, Chief Information Security Officer
Turner Broadcasting

Kevin McKenzie

Kevin McKenzie
CISO & VP of Information Technology
Dollar Tree Stores
ISE® Southeast Executive Award Winner 2013
ISE® North America Academic Executive Award Winner 2013


9:00 PM: Champagne & Dessert Reception

Location: 200 Building Whitehall Ballroom

Enjoy champagne and dessert while celebrating the winners, nominees and project teams.