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We are in the midst of a new business culture where digital connections are a required necessity for your marketing strategy. Digital programs allow you to share visual media and important whitepapers while reaching an audience all over the country without leaving your office; and positively positioning yourself as a digital industry influencer, which are all key facets of successful virtual outreach across the internet. T.E.N. can help you kickstart your sales strategy via our T.E.N. Tech Talks.

T.E.N. Tech Talks: Technical Discussions & Lasting Impressions

Top-ranked CISOs have one major message for solution providers that almost always goes underutilized: build relationships with their teams. Although the C-suite may be the deciding factor in establishing a relationship with a vendor and purchasing products, they will never do so without direct endorsements and advice from their technical team members. That is where T.E.N. Tech Talks come into play.

Held during a typical lunch hour, T.E.N. Tech Talks are 45-minute sessions marketed toward cyber team members not normally targeted—Analysts, Engineers, Managers and more. Conversations will be focused on technical solutions, tactics and challenges that most impact cyber teams with the goal of providing new perspectives and inspiration for their defense strategy. Each event will have a theme and discussion guide tailored to topics of interest that best align with your own business and marketing goals. T.E.N.’s own CEO and President, Marci McCarthy, will moderate while a technical expert from your team and a representative from a top client/prospect engage in the conversation with one another. Attendees will also be encouraged to speak up during the discussion with pertinent questions or thoughts to keep teams engaged. From start to finish, your T.E.N. Tech Talk will ensure you make an impact on clients like never before. CISOs will appreciate the education and ideas their teams receive from the events, and attendees will leave with a positive impression of your company, solutions and partnership potential.

T.E.N. will be with you throughout the whole process, ensuring your discussion aligns with your goals; inviting a top prospect representative to feature in the conversation; recruiting attendees that matter most to your pipeline; managing the live program to ensure it operates seamlessly; and much more. We want to ensure your industry influencer status is elevated to new heights and your marketing efforts are maximized to their greatest potential for lasting impact.

Attendance to the T.E.N. Tech Talks will also supply viewers one CPE credit.

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The Essentials: T.E.N. Tech Talks Program Management

When you sponsor a T.E.N. Tech Talks, the T.E.N. Team will:

  • Recommend and recruit influential cybersecurity leaders from our ISE® Community, which consists of CISOs, VPs, Directors and more from a vast array of companies across North America including Fortune 500 companies, to participate in the discussions.
  • We will also welcome a thought leader from your own company team to take part as a tech speaker, further heightening the visibility of your brand during the event.
  • Offer your team a list of available topics that focus on critical challenges, current events and notable industry issues on the horizon to give you a wide array of content to choose from to select your discussion theme.
  • Develop the topic into a full discussion guide that will fill your 45-minute event with lively, fruitful, in-depth discussions, providing your speakers and attendees alike with thoughtful takeaways they will carry with them throughout the week and beyond.
  • Manage each speaker, obtaining their photos and bios for use in event promotions.
  • Communicate logistics to ensure speakers are on the platform and prepared to engage at the right time.
  • Provide speakers with the appropriate documents and materials to prepare them for their discussions.
  • Invite the tech-oriented members of our ISE® Community without restrictions of a city or venue to attend your Tech Talks, so you can touch base with customers or potential clients from across the country.
  • Deliver consistent, eye-catching invitations to our community, utilizing a compelling call-to-action tone to encourage registrations to the T.E.N. Tech Talks.
  • Unlock our social media following of 20,000 security professionals across the T.E.N. website, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to promote your T.E.N. Tech Talks, encouraging registrations and attendance leading up to the event.
  • Email invitations with event branding and information to T.E.N.’s proprietary opt-in ISE® Community database, which is comprised of over 30,000 IT and cybersecurity executives and professionals who are top thought-leaders, decision-makers and visionaries from a variety of industries across the public and private sectors.
  • Highlight your T.E.N. Tech Talks on T.E.N.’s home page (www.ten-inc.com) and on our Upcoming Events page, which will include links to your website and registration center as well as feature participating speakers.
  • Follow up with individuals who express interest in registering and utilize our platform to send reminders to ensure maximum virtual attendance.
  • Host a recording of your T.E.N. Tech Talks on the T.E.N. Knowledgebase to ensure your event remains accessible as a touchpoint after its conclusion in order to keep your customer outreach lifecycle renewed and thriving.
  • Allow your team to share the Tech Talks with your own communications and marketing teams to optimize its visibility and longevity.
  • Handle requests to access the video through an information window, keeping track of viewership and supplying you with a report of that information, so you can analyze customer interest for your own outreach purposes.
  • Facilitate 30-minute weekly status calls with your team to ensure your Tech Talks’ development and progress aligns with your marketing objects, where we can answer questions, provide feedback, suggest updates, discuss speakers and more leading up to, during and after the event.
  • Create and deliver a post-event survey that will be provided to attendees virtually at the conclusion of the Tech Talks, where attendees can provide their feedback on the discussions, speakers and more.
  • Summarize the survey results, so you can see the success of your event straight from your audience.
  • Send personalized post-event e-mail thank you notes to all speakers and executives recruited through our efforts as well as corresponding post-event e-mails to registrants who did not attend.
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