ISE® Industry Expert Advisory Services

In today’s complex and competitive business climate, it is imperative to have access to experienced industry resources and trusted advisors. T.E.N. provides technology and security solution providers the opportunity to directly leverage the knowledge and expertise of its distinguished luminary and award winning industry experts from its’ ISE® Alumni Network.

From a gaining insight and perspectives on buying lifecycles and validation of technology market issues to the development of a Strategic Advisory Board, T.E.N. lets you apply thought leadership in the way you want whether strategic, tactical or just simple guidance from an experienced practitioner.

Summary of Services Offered by T.E.N.

T.E.N. through its ISE® Industry Experts can effectively help technology and security solution providers meet a variety of challenges to include:

Executive Buyer Perspectives: Specialized Strategic Marketing and Sales Advisory Services

Individual and short-term consulting engagements with umbrella specialized support to include:

  • Validation and guidance on go-to-market strategies for products and services
  • Insightful market-space perspectives for key management initiatives and future product development
  • Coaching and real-world perspectives on buying life-cycle and procurement processes of large enterprise and mid-market organizations
  • Sales force preparedness and coaching on techniques associated with relationship selling to a top-tier technology and security executive
  • Assessment of product value proposition in comparison to mature and emerging technologies to gain competitive market advantage

Strategic Advisory Board Development and Management

  • Design and development of an strategic advisory board to include member selection and recruitment as well as program launch and meeting facilitation
  • Management and facilitation of the advisory board on quarterly basis to maintain productivity, alignment to strategic objectives and quantity results of the program

Independent Industry Perspective and Thought-Leadership

  • Hosting and Moderating executive roundtables, leading panel discussions and other industry events

Our Team

Bringing forth over 150 years of real-world experiences, T.E.N.’s ISE® Industry Experts are highly credentialed and veteran business professionals who possess specialized education and real-world leadership experience in the disciplines of information security, technology and risk management. They possess the operational and subject-matter expertise to help solution providers align the business strategy with enterprise IT, track progress, ensure long-term growth and deepen customer relationships.

ISE® Industry Experts hold designations including CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), Fraud Examiner (CFE), Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP), Microsoft Certified Database Administration (MCDBA), CISM (Certified Information Security Manager). Also, the ISE® Industry Experts active participants and sought after speakers with leading organizations such as ISSA, ISACA and (ISC)2, Our ISE® Industry Experts are recognized for their value-added services rendered with the utmost in credibility, integrity and thought leadership.

Strategic Advisory Boards by T.E.N.

Utilizing this highly proven soft-sell strategic approach to engaging senior decision makers at your customer and prospect organizations, T.E.N. will help leading Solution Providers in their development of strategic direction which can lead to better sales opportunities and increased customer loyalty by establishing non sales-threatening relationships between your senior management team and leading ISE® Experts.

This highly flexible and powerful concept will bring C-level executives from 10 to 15 of your top customers, prospect organizations and influential executives together into an active Strategic Advisory Board.

T.E.N. will set up and manage your Strategic Advisory Board from inception to delivery and in support of your unique sales and marketing goals.  Our process significantly streamlines the task of designing, developing and launching your Advisory Board — and sidesteps the pitfalls that can doom an Advisory Board from day one. We take care of design and development, member selection and recruitment, launching and managing the advisory board, and even debriefing and determining how to apply the results you realize from this process.

Program Benefits - Generate New Opportunities, Perceptions and Competitive Advantage

T.E.N. will leverage the activities of your Customer Strategic Advisory Board to:

Gain industry coverage, insight and attention. Use the credibility of your Strategic Advisory Board to issue white papers, reports, and commentaries by your members —carrying more weight than typical marketing messages.

Build word-of-mouth and referrals. With the right approach, your Strategic Advisory Board can lead you to new sales opportunities for your company, and serve as ideal references for other prospects. Discuss early warnings about shifts in thinking and attitudes or business forces to gain competitive advantage.

Feedback on New Products and Technology Approaches. Show your product teams, R&D, support staff, sales organization what your customers are thinking, what they want, where they're headed. And use these mission-critical customer insights to transform your strategic plans and customize sales and marketing into tangible results.

Services Provided by T.E.N.

Design and Development: Based on your sales, marketing and product development goals, T.E.N. works with you to determine the best format and scope for your advisory board.  We then map out what the board looks like, set goals and program objectives and milestones.

Member Selection and Recruitment: T.E.N. will work with the Solution Provider to create a target list and profile several ISE Alumni and other leading executives that are from a cross section of industries and geographies that align with key company objectives and a combination of purchasing styles that align with Roger’s Technology Adoption Bell Curve to include executives that meet “Early Adopters” and “Early Majority” Profiles. Once the Strategic Advisory Board is agreed upon, T.E.N. will leverage its executive relationships and facilitate the invitations on the Solution Provider’s behalf.

Setting Up The Conversation: T.E.N. will develop the tone, program objectives and nature of the Board.  We work with you on defining strategic opportunities and challenges that are relevant both to you and your customers and then work out the optimum mix of contacts and events: conference calls, informal talks, ad hoc meetings, formal off-site sessions, email or document exchanges, feedback sessions, briefings -- whatever elements best suit your situation.

Launch and Management: T.E.N. can handle all the details of inviting and registering your members, as well as conducting the sessions with you, both to keep everyone productive and on track as well as to gain feedback for adjusting future sessions.

Debriefing and Apply the Results: T.E.N. will also develop the processes you need to glean the most information and value from the Strategic Advisory Board's activities — interpret it for various organization in your company, and most important to apply it to your ongoing sales and marketing efforts.