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Your company has worked diligently to develop cutting-edge technology solutions giving you a distinctive edge over other providers, so why rely on traditional sales and marketing strategies to promote them? Allow our award-winning team to craft a custom summit, reception or VIP program series that perfectly aligns with your corporate goals and business objectives.

T.E.N.'s Custom Summits and Road Shows offer unlimited opportunities to share your offerings and engage in a face-to-face dialogue with your key prospects about the industry’s most critical issues. Only T.E.N. can connect you with knowledgeable keynote speakers and experienced executive moderators from such an expansive network of industry thought leaders, and subsequently facilitate a targeted outreach campaign to attract premier executives representing your most coveted accounts. We work closely with you to craft a strategic theme and engaging discussion topics that share your corporate vision and specialized solutions, while inciting meaningful conversation about the concerns plaguing security executives across the nation.

Our strategically designed custom events attract an exclusive group of key industry players, who have expressed a desire to learn about your products and form a connection with your company. Allow our team to handle the tedious event management details, while you enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to build and nurture relationships with potential and existing clients. T.E.N. Custom Programs ensure your marketing efforts are as effective and innovative as your solutions.

T.E.N. Executive Summit Program Management Services

  • Create a discussion theme and abstract that corresponds with your business objectives.
  • Recommend and recruit an InfoSec Executive from our ISE® Community to host the evening’s discussions who lends their name, title, company, and knowledge to the overall success of the event.
  • Understand your target customers to build a custom prospect profile algorithm, which includes key demographic information on company size, geographic location, industry, title (level), and a “Top 50” list of named accounts in that location.
  • Deliver personalized e-mail invitations on your behalf to a tailored guest list of executive decision makers and influencers from your targeted companies.
  • Follow up with guests to track RSVPs and reconfirmations and provide a weekly registration report to ensure maximum attendance that aligns with your custom prospect profile.
  • Manage a dedicated landing page on T.E.N.’s website, www.ten.inc.com with links and promotions from event calendars, outreach and social media campaigns.
  • Create a dedicated 24/7 online registration center for the event with calendaring functionality.
  • Promote your Custom Summit through T.E.N.’s social media channels, which reaches over 12,000 security professionals.
  • Present between one to three restaurants per event city that includes estimates of room rental fee as well required food & beverage minimums.
  • Facilitate 30-minute bi-weekly status calls to ensure your event’s development and progress aligns with your marketing objectives.
  • Provide profile backgrounds on each executive attendee prior to the event to ensure maximum preparation and networking opportunities.
  • Coordinate all logistics for the event, including: Pre-event production and planning, material creation of the event, securing the event location, on-site program management, and post-event follow ups.
  • Co-design a seating chart that optimizes networking and strategic seating opportunities for your sales team.
  • Create on-site program brochures that include your company information, a call to action for additional information sharing and the evening’s agenda.
  • Provide name badges, table seating cards, and single banner event sign for on-site use.*
  • Create and deliver a post-event survey and provide a summary of the survey results.
  • Deliver personalized post-event e-mail thank you notes to all attendees.
  • Deliver corresponding post-event e-mails to registrants who did not attend.
  • Provide a post-event contact list in a Microsoft Excel file for easy import into your CRM system.

*Additional fees will apply if supplementary signage is requested

Examples of Executive Summit Series

Cloud Security Symposium
Theme: "The Evolution of the Cloud and Security Your Data”
Sponsor: Trend Micro
Locations: Chicago, New York and San Francisco

Cyber Security Summit
Keynote: "Cyber Wars - Coming to Your Organization Sooner than you Think"
Sponsor: Stonesoft
Location: New York, NY

Software Security Assurance Summits
Keynote: "WikiLeaks, Stuxnet & Other Cyber Weapons - Trust, Treason or Terrorism?" 
Sponsor: HP Enterprise Security (Formerly Fortify)
Location: Colorado Springs, CO; Falls Church, VA; Huntsville, AL; and Washington, DC

What our participants say about T.E.N. Executive Summits

The event on Cloud Security was one of the best and informative seminars I have been to. The presenters covered every angle of cloud computing from implementing it as a solution to security compliance to the threats, risks and downside. A very thorough and excellent presentation style with top SME's. I was able to take away a lot from this and look forward to future T.E.N. events. Thank you for putting this together.

Gule Sheikh, Sr. Director Strategy & Governance
TD Bank Group

To say that the Trend Micro Journey to the Cloud Summit was highly informative is still not enough. It pushed the boundaries adding value from every direction with focused roundtables and outstanding presentations from top experts across security, virtualization and industry initiatives.

Valene Skerpac, CISSP

The SSA Summit is a unique opportunity to collaborate with industry experts & peers is in a relaxed environment. Participants are able to hear real world examples of how organizations are tackling today's most difficult software security challenges. I highly recommend that anyone interested in Software Security attend.

Bryan Orme, Principal
GuidePoint Security, LLC
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