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Submit an ISE® Awards Nomination

June 20, 2024
Nominations Closed

October 16, 2024
Nominations are open!

STEP 1: Prequalify your Nominee

Once you have reviewed our nomination criteria, the first step in the nominations process is to prequalify your nominee. Please send an email, with the name of your nominee, their title, and company (for executives) and/or the company name and executive project lead’s name, title, and company (for projects) for review. This allows for our team to prequalify your nominee as eligible for submission! Once qualified, we will discuss your nomination(s) and answer any questions you might have about creating and submitting a nomination.

Only one ISE® Security Executive submission and two ISE® Security Project submissions are permitted per company, and only the first full nomination forms that are received will be considered for nominations. Forms displaying duplicate information will not be considered valid.

STEP 2: Complete a Nomination Form

Now that your Intent to Nominate form has been reviewed and confirmed, the next step in the nominations process is to complete a nomination form. Please download a nomination form from the list below to complete at your convenience and email the completed form to nominations@ten-inc.com.

ISE® Awards Nominations Form - Executive Category (PDF)

ISE® Awards Nominations Form - Project Category (PDF)

In addition to the completed nomination form, please also send over the following:

For Information Security Executive nominations, please include a high-resolution headshot of the nominee to include in the ISE® Program materials, website and other promotions. (Dimension minimum: 500x500 pixels. .JPG or .PNG preferred.)

For Information Security Project nominations, please include a high-resolution logo to include in the ISE® Program materials, website and other promotions. (Dimension height minimum: 800 pixels; .PNG or .EPS preferred.)

Once our Director of Corporate Communications and ISE® Nominations has received the completed form and necessary files, your nomination will then be prepared for the ISE® Judges to review.

Want to know more about ISE® Nominations?

Do you have questions about ISE® Nominations or would you like to schedule a one-on-one ISE® Nominations Orientation? Contact us at 404.920.8582 or send an email.