Judging of the ISE® Awards

Information Security Executive of the Year Awards

The nomination form serves as the means by which all nominees are evaluated and must be completed in their entirety to be considered by the Judges. Candidates for the ISE® Awards may be nominated by a manager, team member, colleague, peer, technology partner or themselves.

After the Close of Nominations, T.E.N. compiles all the nomination forms and screens them for completeness. Approximately two weeks in advance of the Judges Meeting, the nomination forms are sent to the Judges for evaluation against a set of criteria. Applications that are incomplete are not eligible and will not be forwarded to the Judges.

A different panel of Judges is selected for each of the Award programs and some Judges participate in more than one panel per year. Our Judges represent diverse backgrounds from different industry sectors and are individuals of influence in the security and technology industries. Almost all of the Judges are past nominees, finalists or winners, but can also be executive security practitioners, or industry analysts. All judges are announced on the T.E.N. website.

Approximately two weeks in advance of the Judges Meeting, the Judges review each of the nomination forms that have been submitted and score the nomination. The Judges will meet on a confidential conference call to discuss the merits of the nominations submitted and the scoring results. After the conclusion of the Judges meeting, the Judges take into account all their discussions and conduct a final vote to determine the finalists and winners. As all ISE® Nominees and PSE Nominees are celebrated and honored, the finalists and winners are not made public until the ISE® Awards Gala ceremony.


This statement confirms that the contents of nominations forms for all Information Security Executive® of the Year and ISE® Project of the Year submissions will not be published or shared publicly at any time. Nomination forms are viewed only by select members of the T.E.N. Team during processing and our distinguished judging panels during evaluation. All team members and judges are bound by a verbal confidentiality agreement, which prohibits publishing, sharing or discussing any contents of the nomination form outside of the judges’ proceedings.

If you have additional questions regarding the safety of your information, please contact info@ten-inc.com.