ISE® North America 2012

Information Security Executive of the Year Awards

The ISE® North America Awards are held in conjunction with a two day Leadership Summit which includes keynote speakers, interactive roundtables moderated by the CISOs and VPs of participating companies, and hot topic panel discussions. The two day program offers the opportunity to meet with peers and leading IT executives from across the region to discuss and share insights into today's issues and solutions.

ISE® North America Executive Award Winner 2012 - Commercial Category

Roland Cloutier

Roland Cloutier
Vice President, Chief Security Officer

ISE® North America Executive Award Winner 2012 - Government Category

>Charles McGann

Charles McGann
Corporate Information Security Officer
United States Postal Service

ISE® North America Executive Award Winner 2012 - Health Care Category

Cris Ewell

Cris Ewell
Chief Information Security Officer
Seattle Children's

ISE® North America Executive Award Winner 2012 - Education/Non-Profit Category: Honorable Mention

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly
Director of Information Security and Network Operations
Quinnipiac University

ISE® North America Project Award Winner 2012 - Commercial Category

Trusted Platform Security Initiative (TPSI)
Executive Sponsor: Terry Rice, AVP, Service Delivery & Risk Management, Merck & Co.
Team Members: V. Jay LaRosa, William O’Connell, Denise Hucke, Michael A. Minwell, AJ Anand, Victoria Ruiz, Shahir Shah, Dustin VanWinkle, Jim Hickstein, Rudy Urena, Jeffrey Kolmos, Saurabh Thakral and James Carter
Location: Whitehouse Station, NJ

In order to enable ADP’s worldwide business protection efforts, the Global Security Organization (GSO) sponsored the company’s largest and most significant security program named Trusted Platform Security Infrastructure (TPSI) to create a world-class ecosystem of advanced operational capabilities, security technologies and controls. TPSI program provides advanced detection and intelligence capabilities in all ADP operating units globally. The entire TPSI architecture utilizes holistic business intelligence technologies that are managed through a converged Enterprise Risk Platform.

ISE® North America Project Award Winner 2012 - Government Category

DoD Cyberscope Enterprise Reporting Service
Executive Sponsor: Alice Fakir, Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
Project Team: John Hunter, Robby Carter, Melody Balcet, J.C. Wilson, Alice Fakir, Greg McCullough, Blake Stephens, Kate Schnabe, Jason Ma, Brian Maxwell, Matt Houy, Josh Anderson, Bonnie Lee, Richard Reilly,Todd Hamlin
Location: Atlanta, GA

The DoD Cyberscope is a GOTS capability that leverages existing DoD capabilities to facilitate reporting, aggregation and analysis of the DoD’s Information systems for improved Information Assurance (IA) Awareness, and maintain Federal Information Systems Management Act compliance through automation. It is the first Government off the shelf (GOTS) product that provides machine-to-machine reporting of IA data for DoD entities.

ISE® North America Project Award Winner 2012 - Health Care Category

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Executive Sponsor:Cathy Beech, CISO, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Project Team: Kelvin Blasse, Abigail Flitter, Clifford Karafin, Haswinder Virk, Scott McCreary, Adena Tuckman, Al Wilson and Alex Zausner
Location: Philadelphia, PA

This project included the implementation of a technology solution to support CHOP’s litigation needs with regards to eDiscovery. The technology solution was designed with reference to the industry standard Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). The project also established eDiscovery processes that comply with CHOP’s document retention policy, the Federal Rules of Evidence, and facilitated compliance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and relevant case law.

ISE® North America Project Award Winner 2012 - Education/Non-Profit Category Honorable Mention

Quinnipiac University
Executive Sponsor: Brian Kelly, Information Security Officer, Quinnipiac University
Team Members: Michael Ruotolo, Fabiano Iacusso and Jan Bevins
Location: Hamden, CT

This project was driven by Quinnipiac University’s Information Security Office to: Create an environment for common access to certificate and identity management solutions, Provide departments and other university units with delegated certificate management authority, Cost savings for certificates Unlimited SSL certificates (including extended validation certificates), client (personal) certificates, and code signing certificates for one fixed annual fee.

ISE® North America People's Choice Award Winner 2012

Tammy Moskites

Tammy Moskites
VP and Chief Information Security Officer
Time Warner Cable

ISE® North America Luminary Leadership Award Winner 2012

Anne Kuhns

Anne Kuhns
Vice-President of Information Security
The Walt Disney Company
ISE® North America People’s Choice Award Winner 2009
ISE® North America Executive Award Finalist 2009
ISE® North America Commercial Executive Award Finalist 2007
ISE® Southeast Executive Award Winner 2007

ISE® of the Decade North America Award Winner 2012

Anish Bhimani

Anish Bhimani
Chief Information Risk Officer
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
ISE® Northeast Executive Award Winner 2008

ISE® North America Executive Award Finalists 2012 - Commercial Category

Curtis Coleman

Curtis Coleman
Information Security Officer
Seagate Technology

Tammy Moskites

Tammy Moskites
VP and Chief Information Security Officer
Time Warner Cable

Myrna Soto

Myrna Soto
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer

ISE® North America Executive Award Finalists 2012 - Health Care Category


Scott Breece
Director, Security Strategy and Compliance
Community Health Systems

Ray Biondo

Ray Biondo
Vice President and CISO
Health Care Service Corporation
Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL, NM, OK and TX

ISE® North America Project Award Finalists 2012 - Commercial Category

The Security IPv6 Readiness Project
Executive Sponsor: Myrna Soto, SVP, Chief Information & Infrastructure Security Officer, Comcast
Team Members: Louis Yeck, John Brzozowski, Fred Wittenberg, Eddie Galarza, Amine Brahimi
Location: Philadelphia, PA

With global IPv4 address allocations nearing depletion, Comcast embarked on implementing IPv6 on its network.  This created many security challenges, especially when tools and systems lacked support for IPv6.  The security team launched a project to develop, assess, and implement an IPv6 security framework that met the business’ tight timelines with the implementation of IPv6.

J P Morgan Chase
JPMC Trusted Email
Executive Sponsor: Jim Routh, Managing Director – Internet & Mobile Security, JP Morgan Chase
Project Team: Mark Risoldi and Vic Talamo
Location: New York, NY

Industry leading project to implement best practices and new standards to significantly reduce fraudulent email to customers leveraging a highly innovative approach resulting in the elimination of up to 600,000,000 fraudulent emails (including phishing attempts) sent to bank customers annually. The fraudulent emails look like bank emails to customers and often contain malware or phishing attacks. The result is more lift in email marketing, brand protection and less fraud for bank customers.

ISE® North America Project Award Finalist 2013 - Government Category

Operational Security Program Management Office
Executive Sponsor: Lauren Buschor, Assoc. CISO, IRS
Project Team: Team of 65 information security professionals
Location: Lanham, MD

Using a revolutionary modernization project called CADE 2 as a catalyst, the Operational Security PMO established a ground-breaking security program that addressed all components of information assurance for the Federal Tax Systems of the United States. The PMO developed disaster recovery plans for every critical system in CADE 2, providing information security for a modernization project that has already processed over 1.8 billion transactions and issued 83 million tax refunds.

Montgomery County Maryland
Enterprise Cloud Security Security Service and Architecture
Executive Sponsor: Keith Young, Security Official at Montgomery County Maryland Government
Project Team: Sonny Discini, Richard Rogers, Robert Surenko
Location: Rockville, MD

Beginning in March 2009, the Montgomery County Enterprise Information Security Office realized that as cyber threats became more complex, so did the tools and protection needed to protect the County’s information infrastructure. Additionally, as budget pressures continued for the foreseeable future, the need to find lower-cost solutions became critical. After a review of currently offered security services, demands for new services, and changes in technologies and price structures, the Department of Technology Services Enterprise Information Security Office re-engineered its existing enterprise services to public Cloud-based offerings.

United States Postal Service
USPS Security Process Enhancement
Executive Sponsor: Mgr. Corporate Information Security
Project Team: Rickey Branning, Ken Lassiter, Bryon Page, Greg Martin, and Venkat Yendapalli
Location: Raleigh, NC

The Data Loss Protection project purpose is to decrease and protect sensitive information corporate-wide that is sent out unprotected. The USPS Security Process Enhancement team work side-by-side in the day-to-day design and analysis, debugging, critical support, and strategic deployment to ensure that sensitive enhanced information, including social security numbers and debit/credit card information, is not exposed to those without a need-to-know or stored in inappropriate locations on IT resources. The team supports a network that is one of the largest in the world and supports over 400,000 employees and contractors, and over 800 business and support services applications.