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ISE® West Summit and Awards 2022

The Essential Guide to Cloud Email Security  > Download Whitepaper
As organizations have migrated to cloud-based infrastructure and office platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, they’ve seen clear benefits: easier collaboration, greater agility, and lower costs and maintenance related to infrastructure. But for most organizations, the challenge of determining how to keep data protected and employees safe from attacks in a cloud-based environment remains unsolved.

BEC Active Defense Overview  > Download Whitepaper
Active defense is the process of interacting with an attack or an attacker for the purpose of collecting more robust intelligence about the threat. Specifically, active defense helps better understand what happens after an attack is successful. Examples of active defense tactics include engaging with BEC actors or seeding credential phishing sites with controlled personas.

Monitoring Cyber Activities Connected to the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict  > Download Whitepaper
Forescout’s threat intelligence and research team Vedere Labs is continuously monitoring the evolution of cyber activities connected to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and to Russian state-sponsored actors. This report is meant to share the cybersecurity intelligence we gather regarding active threats, TTPs, indicators of compromise and recommended mitigations.

Dazz Remediation Cloud  > Download Data Sheet

Software Bill of Materials  > Download Whitepaper
The prevalent use of open source components in software is creating significant risk. This paper will shed light on an emerging critical software supply chain weakness and how generating software bills of materials can be the foundation to improving security at multiple stages of the software lifecycle.

Secure Code Scanning with CPG  > Download Data Sheet
The Code Property Graph (CPG) powers the ShiftLeft CORE SaaS platform. It creates an intermediate representation of your code and sends that, not your source code, to ShiftLeft servers for analysis. For more information on the CPG, see the Code Property Graph whitepaper.

MITRE Engenuity™ ATT&CK® Evaluation  > Download Whitepaper
SentinelOne Participates in ATT&CK® Evaluations for the third year with record performance, this one performed in November 2020 with the results released April 2021.

Rights Management  > Download Whitepaper
Seclore Rights Management protects sensitive information regardless of device or location. Whether a file is on a server, in an email, on a mobile device, or copied to a USB memory stick unintentionally left behind in an airport, unauthorized users will not be able to access the information. Since usage policies stay with the file, Seclore enables organizations to securely adopt the Cloud, BYOD, and external collaboration.