Sponsorship Orientation

Executive Forum

The interactive roundtable discussions give you time to engage face-to-face with leading executives to explore the hot topics, share insights on solutions and hear success stories from customers who are solving similar challenges. Sponsor a roundtable discussion to guide content creation and host selection.

Nominee Showcase Presentations

Learn about the products and strategies used by nominees. Handpicked by the judges, many of these showcase presentations are "tellall" customer-focused case studies.

VIP Reception

Immediately following the day of powerful meetings, sponsors join the nominees and executive attendees in a relaxing social atmosphere where additional networking takes place and personal conversations are inevitable.

Sponsor Pavilion, Dinner and Breakfast Buffet

Sponsors take the spotlight with time to showcase products and services as executives enjoy a gourmet dinner buffet. Your brand promotion takes on a new look and feel in this unique environment where booths are staged among elegant food and beverage stations. Your sales team can establish new contacts through the popular Passport for Prizes, which delivers a steady flow of visitors to your booth.

Awards Gala

Excitement builds as the spectacular ISE® Awards Gala unfolds to recognize the nominees, finalists and winners of the Executive of the Year Award, Project of the Year Award and Peoples’ Choice Award. This elegant event is the perfect opportunity to deepen ties with customers and cultivate relationships with prospects after nominating them for an award.

Champagne & Dessert Reception

Conclude the evening with a champagne and dessert reception as you continue to network with nominees, share contact information and leverage the relationships you have built throughout the day. Talk oneon‐ one or as a small group with executives on matters that mean the most to them.
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