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Louis Freeh speaking at the SSA Summit 2010

Held at an exclusive venue and hosted by an IT or Information Security Executive, T.E.N. provides a solution provider with a ISE® VIP Program format that offers direct access to IT and Information Security decision makers. T.E.N.’s ISE® VIP Programs will often coincide with a major conference or industry event. This allows for more intimate access to top prospects and key customers as well as a way for the sponsor to maximize their large scale conference investment.

T.E.N. empowers solutions providers to reach the right prospects, at the right time. Working with you to define your customized executive event, we promise results that will matter in measuring your marketing success. Our strategic and innovative approach to delivering a custom program will bring the desired attendees to your event.

Whether you a creating your own Executive Program at your Company’s Annual User Conference, special Executive Summit or Retreat or looking to leverage a large conference investment,  T.E.N. can assist you with the following custom marketing services:

  • Executive Audience Development and Recruitment
  • Venue Search and Management
  • Speakers and Content Development

Executive Audience Development and Recruitment

T.E.N. will manage the recruitment, registration, confirmation and onsite attendance of your executive audience.  T.E.N. Services are defined as follows:

  • Customized Target Executive Guest List: Development of target executive guest list comprised of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)
  • Tailored Communications: Email invitations with event information and participation benefits sent to target executive guest list with sponsor's company information and/or logo.
  • Dedicated Online Presence: Dedicated 24/7 Registration Center page on the T.E.N. website that includes event agenda and information.
  • Transparent Status Reporting: Weekly status reporting on audience development progress and overall registrations.
  • Personalized Follow-up: Personalized e-mail invitations on your behalf to a tailored guest list of executive decision makers and influencers from your targeted companies
  • Development of Program Materials to provide Prospective Executive Guests:
    • Customized agenda along with overview of other items of interest during the event
    • Names and bios of guest speakers
    • Benefits of attending program
    • Travel Information
  • White Glove Concierge Services: Single point of contact for Executive Guests for assistance and questions concerning the prior or onsite at the program
  • Pre-Event Business Intelligence: Learn about executive attendees’ top concerns, business needs, buying preferences and open projects to tailor your discussions to their needs.
  • Reconfirmation: T.E.N. will personally reconfirm with each executive attendee one week prior to program to make sure that all questions are answered and needs are met.

Venue Search and Management

As part of your custom executive program, T.E.N. will assist you with your venue search as well as provide overall management and logistic coordination. The goal of this management is to offer premier support to customer and executive guests with a delightful experience at an all-encompassing executive event, including travel and accommodations, meals, and entertainment.

T.E.N. will aid you by supplying all services and responsibilities for coordinating the logistics involved in making the event work to your satisfaction.

Recommendations and Services Provided by T.E.N.

  • Event Date(s): Taking into consideration holidays and industry conferences, T.E.N. will propose dates that will support the best possible attendance.
  • Event Location: With a focus on centrally-located, all-encompassing resort properties, T.E.N. will propose up to four venues for the sponsor to choose from for their event.
  • Event Contract: Bidding, negotiation of terms and signing of venue contract.  T.E.N. offers the ability to carefully scrutinize contract provisions and details in the best interest of the customer and their budget restraints.
  • Event On-Site Visit: T.E.N. will make a site visit to the venue to greet venue contacts and inspect meetings room/displays to ensure they meet the needs and desires of the sponsor. T.E.N. will provide an evaluation of meeting space feasibility and how to maximize the space considering the flow and logistics of the event. (T.E.N.’s travel expenses are not included in the program management fee and will be billed at cost.)
  • Event Transportation: T.E.N. will arrange for car service to/from the airport for all VIP guests and will arrange for group transportation for any off-site activities.
  • Event Management: T.E.N. will consult with the sponsor to plan all details such as room blocks; coordination of onsite agenda/meeting room space; speaker/host interface; travel booking for VIP guests; guest list management; meeting room set configurations; audio visual needs; and food and beverage service requirements.
  • Production and Design of On-Site Materials: In addition, T.E.N. will produce all on-site collateral such as the event agenda/brochure; signage; a custom report profiling each of the executive attendees; name badges; tent cards for all event; and surveys. (Printing/Shipping costs for the event agenda/brochure and signage are not included in T.E.N.’s program management fee and will be billed at cost.)
  • Weekly Status Meetings: In the spirit of transparent communications with the sponsor, T.E.N. will set-up and run weekly calls to discuss and provide updates on the latest registration/outreach management, deliverable timelines, tracking templates, lead retrieval, post-event reporting and review of all group bills or accuracy.
  • Manager on Duty: T.E.N. will organize and conduct a pre-conference meeting with group representatives and appropriate venue staff to communicate expectations and flow of the event.  This includes serving as the primary point of contact for all issues and events during conference.  We will work with the venue and sponsor to ensure all needs are being met. T.E.N. will manage any problems that arise and ensure execution of event occurs as planned.

Content Development and Speaker Management

T.E.N.’s model for content development is to create leading-edge topics relevant to C-Level IT and Information Security Executives through the convergence of industry leaders, experts, visionaries, luminaries, and influencers who profoundly drive business and security. The sessions and focus of a program produced by T.E.N creates an environment for thought exchange and innovation.

T.E.N. delivers high level content that offers a global perspective through the following areas of focus:

  • A roadmap for business technology and security strategy with actionable, practical solutions
  • Insights into how leading organizations are staying ahead of the latest security threats
  • In-depth case studies
  • Effective Business and Security ROI - Fact, Fiction and Folktales
  • Corporate Espionage, cyber-fraud, and the insider threat
  • Understanding what security technologies actually deliver
  • Critical insight and information on the convergence of business, information security, GRC, and privacy
  • Sharpen and focus the communication between business and security
  • Insight into the thoughts and critical issues on the minds of your peers

T.E.N.’s model for executive conferences and summits is an executive peer exchange.  Specifically, T.E.N.’s event speakers are IT /Information Security Executives that have the ability to share real world experiences and are on the front lines. Furthermore, they are experienced practitioners, respected by their peers and considered to be industry experts.  Leveraging a peer interaction model of thought leadership, T.E.N. engages a several hundred person ISE Alumni Network to speak on numerous topics in which they have knowledge and expertise.

T.E.N.’s Content Development Services

  • T.E.N. will work with sponsor to determine key topics and themes to be discussed and presented at the executive summit
  • T.E.N. will create meaningful thought leadership topics with abstracts for review with sponsor
  • T.E.N. will develop a program agenda that has a multitude of presentation formats for maximum interest and participation and appeals to a high level executive audience
  • Based on sponsor’s key conference themes, T.E.N. will create comprehensive speaker materials based on format of the program segment.
  • Creation of Program Books
    • Includes Welcoming Remarks from Sponsor Executive
    • Program Agenda
    • Topics to be discussed
    • Bios of Summit Speakers
    • Sponsor Company Information

T.E.N.’s Speaker Recruitment and Management Services

  • Identify short list of IT and Information Security Executive speakers and experts for sponsor’s approval
  • Extend invitations to the speakers
  • Development of communication materials to provide to executives selected as speakers to convey benefits of being speaker and the associated responsibilities with role. 
  • Included in communications package:
    • Customized agenda for Executive Programs they will host along with overview of other items of interest during the event
    • Speaker role, responsibilities and benefits
    • Email invitations and confirmation sent to targeted hosts with sponsor logo and/or company name included
    • RSVP follow-up with personalized emails and calls
  • Conference Call with each Speaker(s) for program preparation
  • Reconfirm attendance one week prior to program
  • Single point of contact for speakers for questions concerning events before they arrive at the executive summit
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