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Original broadcast: November 17, 2021
Duration: 45 minutes

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Marci McCarthy

Marci McCarthy
CEO and President of T.E.N.
CEO and Chairman of ISE® Talent


Chris Carter
Global Head of Security Analytics
Global Information Security
Zurich Insurance

Dave Estlick

Dave Estlick
Chipotle Mexican Grill

Ami Luttwak

Ami Luttwak
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Organizations have acquired agility and greater innovations thanks to the cloud, but it has also added new levels of complexity around people, processes and technology for security teams. As cloud environments face increased risks, taking control of cloud infrastructure security has never been more crucial. Whether the threats involve identity and access, lateral movement or secure configuration, security teams should have the ability to rise above low-priority alerts and pinpoint the high-risk attack vectors that matter. Join our conversation as we discuss complexities that affect cloud security posture, how security teams can utilize actionable insights to prioritize risk and the role of Zero Trust in cloud architecture.

Attendees of the ISE® Fireside Webinars are eligible to receive 1 CPE upon its conclusion.

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