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ISE® West Summit and Awards 2023

Forcepoint One: A Unique, Data-First SASE Platform  > Download Whitepaper
Forcepoint believes that the right approach and the right technology can turn the rapid shifts in how people work and how information is managed into an opportunity rather than a burden. That’s why we created Forcepoint ONE, our platform for simplifying how you connect and protect your people and data in a modern, cloud-first world. It’s all about helping you make them more productive and your business more efficient, safely.

The Threat Landscape HEATs Up with Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats  > Download Whitepaper
Menlo Security has studied a variety of techniques attackers are using to successfully launch ransomware and phishing attacks and have termed these “highly evasive adaptive threats” (HEAT). HEAT attacks evade existing security defenses by understanding all the technology integrated into the existing security stack and building delivery mechanisms to evade detection. To meet the challenges posed by HEAT attacks, organizations must shift from a post-breach detection mindset to one of prevention, with a focus on stopping threats before they ever reach the endpoint.

Achieving Zero Trust for Connected Devices  > Download Whitepaper
Achieving true zero trust requires transformation across networks, applications, data, users, and devices to reduce risk and increase business agility. In this paper we will focus on the essential requirements for enabling zero trust device security and how Netskope Device Intelligence, through its highly granular and context-rich device fingerprinting model, allows organizations to establish an effective zero trust approach for securing their networks against device-based threats.

Database Security Solutions  > Download Whitepaper
Trustwave database security software is purpose-built to proactively assess threats to data. You’ll gain visibility into the conditions in your organization’s databases that could lead to a data breach. Additionally, our best-practices approach enables more focused monitoring, which can then be deployed to mitigate database vulnerabilities and limit user access controls. As a result, you can spend less time chasing database security alerts and more time on activities that drive value, like remediating risks and hardening your attack surface.

Microsegmentation: A Buyer's Guide  > Download Whitepaper
If you’re a cybersecurity leader looking for better network segmentation to defend your organization against ransomware and lateral movement, then this guide is for you. In it, we’ll take a look at why lateral movement is one of the most basic and common tactics that attackers use to spread ransomware and access sensitive data. Then, we’ll delve into microsegmentation: what it is and why old-school vendors could not provide it at scale. Finally, we’ll lay out everything you should look for in potential microsegmentation solutions— from ease of deployment to integration with existing IT systems.

Effective Cybersecurity Governance for Boards: Navigating Risk and Ensuring Business Resiliency

Myrna Soto

Myrna Soto
Global CISO, Emeritus
Founder & CEO, Apogee Executive Advisors
ISE® Northeast Executive Award Winner 2013
ISE® North America Commercial Executive Award Finalist 2013
ISE® North America Commercial Executive Award Finalist 2012
ISE® Northeast Executive Award Finalist 2012


Data Protection and Privacy Geo-Fencing

Bill Chen Bill Chen

Project Threat Extermination

Gavin Guttersen Gavin Guttersen
Interim CISO

Safely In Command: Engineering Access in AWS

Ryan Breidenbach Ryan Breidenbach
Sr. Director of Architecture
Invitation Homes

Robert Pace
VP, Information Security & CISO
Invitation Homes
ISE® West Executive Award Finalist 2022

Project Monocle

David Trejo David Trejo
Senior Security Engineer

AI-Laws and Regulation Issues

Presentation Slides containing US AI Bill of Rights, Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council Laying Down Harmonised Rules on Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Act) and Amending Certain Union Legislative Acts, Other US AI Guidance, Issues with language in the documents.

AI Related Laws

List of 2023/2024 AI Related Laws