ISE® Financial Services Summit Schedule of Events 2021

May 12, 2021

12:00 PM CT: ISE® Digital Lounge Opens (Networking & Sponsor Visits)

The ISE® Digital Lounge—which remains open before, during, and after the ISE® Financial Services Summmit—allows executives and our sponsors to network with one another and share information.

Executives who check in with each sponsor will receive a “stamp” for their virtual ISE® Digital Passport and be entered in the Passports-for-Prizes raffle (winners announced the following day).

1:00 PM CT: ISE® Financial Services Summit Begins: Opening Remarks

Marci McCarthy

Marci McCarthy
CEO and President of T.E.N.
CEO and Chairman of ISE® Talent

T.E.N.'s CEO & President will welcome guests and provide an overview of the program agenda for the ISE® Financial Services Summmit 2021.

1:05 PM CT: Keynote Address

Modern Cybersecurity: Agility first

Jason Witty

Jason Witty
Managing Director, Global Chief Information Security Officer
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
ISE® Central People's Choice Award Winner 2014
ISE® North America People's Choice Award Winner 2014
ISE® North America Executive: Financial Award Finalist 2017
ISE® Central Executive of the Year Award Winner 2018
ISE® Central People's Choice Award Winner 2018


As businesses around the world are rapidly adopting more modern software-driven operating models, cybersecurity teams must adapt and adopt agile methodologies to keep pace. The ways of the past will not suit us well in the cloud, AI, and Quantum-driven future. We must anticipate and adapt to strategically enable new and emerging technology and drive a security-first mindset.

1:20 PM CT: Sponsor Showcase

FinTech Compliance: Tales from the Cloud


Patrick Pushor
Technical Evangelist
Orca Security

Public cloud providers enable financial services firms to deliver new products and capabilities at breakneck speeds, but how do you balance speed to market against FinTech compliance mandates – do you have to choose? This presentation looks at how to prove to auditors that you’re protecting personal data across your cloud estate and reveals tips for reducing friction between DevOps and IT security teams, and lessons learned from Orca Security FinTech customers.

1:35 PM CT: Interactive Executive Roundtables

The Interactive Executive Roundtables brings together industry leaders, invited guests, and sponsor delegates to meet each other and join in interactive discussions on key industry issues as well as share best practices. The interactive roundtable discussions are hosted by our distinguished ISE® Alumni who are leading CISOs and Information Security Executives.

Continuous Global IT, Security, and Compliance Assessment

Kevin Gowen

Kevin Gowen
Chief Information Security Officer
ISE® Southeast Executive Award Finalist 2019
ISE® North America Executive: Financial Award Finalist 2019


The past year has brought into stark relief the need for organizations to have strong, cloud-based security and compliance policies. As companies engage in swift digital transformation, cybersecurity now plays a much larger role and requires us to change how we have operated in the past. Stitched-together security stacks that collect data in fragments, cannot scale, and do not interoperate are no longer viable options. Instead, security teams need an end-to-end cloud platform that gives them visibility across all their IT assets no matter where they are along with automated threat prioritization, patching and response capabilities. Given the severity of today’s threats, a full cloud platform will also need to do these things continuously, even across third-party cloud platforms, so your team can always assess the organization’s global IT, security, and compliance posture. Join our conversation as we discuss the challenges our security platforms face as well as best practices for building a next-generation cloud platform that collects and analyzes telemetry data in real time for continuous threat response.

Reassessing Technology Stacks and Security Strategies

Jeff Trudeau

Jeff Trudeau
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
ISE® North America Health Care Executive Award Winner 2013
ISE® West Executive Award Finalist 2019

With endpoints, devices and users operating from anywhere, cybersecurity teams have their work cut out for them to protect all these moving parts. At least a portion of organizational workforces will remain remote, meaning that security professionals will need to reassess how their current technology stacks and security strategies are performing, consider other investments and anticipate further changes that will occur due to new or accelerated digital transformation projects.

Stopping Security Threats From the Inside

Dané Smiley

Dané Smiley
Sr. Director, Information Security
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

We go to great lengths to protect the sensitive data that employees handle every day from external threats. However, internal concerns are on the rise, with employees becoming greater insider threats—either accidentally or maliciously—as they work remotely and on mobile. Whether an employee unthinkingly gives away their credentials via a phishing email or deliberately sends sensitive information outside of the company, we must learn to detect and prevent one of our greatest drivers of security risk.

1:55 PM CT: Sponsor Showcase

Modern Risk Management: Locating, Prioritizing, and Minimizing Risks to Your Business

Jeremy D. Briglia
Director of Pre-Sales Field Operations

More organizations are turning to an Integrated Risk Management path, which allows them to approach the scope of risk and audits in scalable, dynamic ways. Accomplishing tasks like security assessments, risk communications and compliance in real time has never been more important given the speed and complexity of advanced cyberattacks. However, in order to achieve a modern approach to risk management, enterprise programs must integrate vital processes such as continuous optimization, automated risk-based prioritization and insights, and the automatic operationalization of security controls. Typically, these processes occur in silos, making the need for mature, unified risk management that much more important. Join our conversation as we discuss the attributes of modern risk management programs, including better ways to strategically locate and prioritize risks, assess business risks, and mitigate current pain points for overwhelmed security teams.

2:10 PM CT: Information Security Executive® Deep Dive Panel

An industry cross section of ISE® Alumni and leading security executives explore today’s hottest security trends and issues and the key challenges they are facing now and in the future.


Marci McCarthy

Marci McCarthy
CEO and President of T.E.N.
CEO and Chairman of ISE® Talent



Jon Brickey
SVP, Cybersecurity Evangelist

Marc Crudgington

Marc Crudgington
CISO, SVP Information Security
Woodforest National Bank
ISE® Central Executive Award Finalist 2019
ISE® North America Executive: Financial Award Winner 2019


Dr. Yonesy F. Nuñez

Dr. Yonesy F. Nuñez
Chief Information Security Officer
Jack Henry & Associates

2:45 PM CT: Sponsor Showcase

Secure Critical Assets with Zero Trust Segmentation


Nathan Iversen
Chief Evangelist

Zero Trust is suddenly THE cyber strategy that everyone is talking about. From the recent Forrester Zero Trust Wave to every security vendor’s website, the words Zero Trust are popping up just about everywhere. Despite the attention, Zero Trust is still a strategy for most, with very little reality to show for it. In this session Nathanael Iversen, Chief Evangelist for Illumio will discuss operationalizing Zero Trust and how to make it a reality for FSI systems. Illumio was just named the Definitive Leader of Zero Trust in the October 2020 Forrester Wave research, and currently protects many of the largest banks and their most important systems.

3:00 PM CT: Sponsor Showcase

Managing Open Source Risk in the Financial Services Industry: More Visibility, More Speed


Derek E. Weeks
Vice President

In today’s world, to survive and compete effectively, leading financial services organizations are hiring armies of software developers; consuming massive amounts of open source; and embracing DevOps to automate and optimize the entire software development lifecycle. Do CISOs and application security professionals have visibility into the open source being used? What automated security processes can be initiated when a new breach is announced? As the financial services industry relies more and more on open source to innovate, it’s crucial to answer these questions. Threat actors have recognized the power of open source and are now beginning to create their own attack opportunities. This new form of assault, where OSS project credentials are compromised and malicious code is intentionally injected into open source libraries, allows hackers to poison the well. Join us as Sonatype discusses the tactics businesses can deploy—using attack analysis, risk identification and more—to empower developers with tools to best defend themselves and those depending on them against open source threats.

3:15 PM CT: Closing Keynote

A Better New Normal

Craig  Froelich

Brent Comstock
Sr. Director, Global Data & Endpoint Protection

Congratulations, we survived! Unprecedented disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to accelerate digital transformation and work from home capabilities. Security teams often had to sprint to keep up. As many companies are re-opening offices, Brent will share key considerations to improve your security posture and achieve a Better New Normal.

3:30 PM CT: ISE® Financial Services Summit Concludes

Executives may continue checking in with sponsors to receive a “stamp” for their virtual ISE® Digital Passport.

4:15 PM CT: ISE® Digital Lounge Closes

The ISE® Digital Lounge closes and the event concludes.