CISO Sales Workshop

Held as a standalone program or in conjunction with a Sales Kick Off Meeting and led by an ISE® Industry Expert, The CISO Sales Workshop offers executive management, sales and marketing teams real-world perspectives on buying life-cycle and procurement processes of large enterprise and mid-market organizations.  This unique and incredibly insightful session also provides sales force preparedness and coaching on the techniques associated with relationship selling to a top-tier technology and security executive.

The CISO Sales Workshop Syllabus includes:

Overview of the CISO

  • Who is the CISO - Profile
  • CISO Buying Influences – Today, Tomorrow vs. Previous Times
  • Role of the CISO in the Enterprise — Then, Now and the Future

Power of Relationship Building 

  • The Real Value of the Relationship 
  • How a CISO builds a relationship with a vendor partner 
  • Effectively Working with the CISO and the Team

Getting the Business to Buy What You Have to Sell

  • Key Drivers and Industry Influences
  • Understanding What Your Are Selling
  • Problem Solver - Identifying the Problem
  • Understanding the Issues and Obstacles
  • Pulling the Trigger -- The Enterprise / Large Purchasing Process – Getting a new vendor partner on board

CISO Sales Workshops can be tailored to include a panel discussion that includes leading CISOs that offers additional industry perspectives to include:

  • An insider perspective on how focused and targeted marketing and sales programs can be effective
  • What priorities are important and getting funding even in a challenged and volatile economy
  • Challenges that a CISO faces in deciphering marketing/sales messages to actual product functionality
  • Qualifying the Sales Opportunity: How to determine if their is a need for your company's products and services

Program Management Services Provided by T.E.N.

As part of T.E.N.’s program management services for the CISO Sales Workshop, a preparatory call with the ISE® Industry Expert(s) and client is conducted to garner more information to include:

  • Define the overall objectives of the CISO Sales Workshop
  • Understand the participating audience demographics (i.e. executive leadership, regional sales managers, inside sales associates, marketing managers, etc.)
  • Determine the size of the participating audience
  • Understand the key challenges, areas of opportunity and success within the sales cycle
  • Define the Role Playing – “Pitch to the CISO” parameters and scenarios

What our participants say about the CISO Sales Workshop

"The CISO Sales Work Shop provided by T.E.N. was an invaluable learning experience for my sales team. When selling enterprise network security solutions into very large enterprises, it is imperative one is equipped with understanding the challenges most CISO's are faced with today. By hearing first hand from T.E.N.’s ISE® Industry Experts, we now have a better appreciation and understanding of a CISO's needs and key drivers. The knowledge gained from this workshop has not only helped us as a sales organization, but also in building out our marketing strategy for 2012. Thanks again for everything!"

Richard Benigno
SVP Sales, North America