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The 6 Most Common Asset Management Challenges for Cybersecurity  > Download Whitepaper
Despite the incredible technologies available in cybersecurity today — from deception to automation, AI to machine learning — security teams still struggle to get accurate answers to asset-related questions.

Why Does Asset Management Matter for Cybersecurity?  > Download Whitepaper

Read on for a look at why asset management – once a pure IT play – matters for cybersecurity, and how both IT and security teams can benefit from cybersecurity asset management.

Customer Case Study: Landmark Health Solves Compliance Challenges and Software License Inconsistencies with Axonius  > Download Whitepaper
Since joining Landmark Health as Director of Information Security in October 2017, Jeffrey Gardner sought to solve difficult challenges around compliance and software license management. Apart from traditional IT Asset Management, Gardner and his security team perform monthly red team exercises to verify that all devices are compliant with Landmark Health’s security and software license management policies. Typically this exercise passed with flying colors...until it didn’t.

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The Practical Executive's Guide To Hospital Data Loss Prevention  > Download Whitepaper
When hospital data breaches and exfiltrations occur, lives may be put at risk. Just one data breach takes a hospital an average of 329 days to identify, and 93 more days to remediate. In the meantime, research shows hospitals experience and increase in death rates, particularly among heart patients.

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The Future of Healthcare Depends on Digital Collaboration. Does Your IAM Strategy Support It?  > Download Whitepaper
The healthcare model in the US is changing. Healthcare demands are increasing as the baby boomer population retires and switches from employer-sponsored healthcare coverage to entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid. According to the Census Bureau, “By 2029, when the last round of boomers reaches retirement age, the number of Americans 65 or older will climb to more than 71 million, up from about 41 million in 2011.” As demand for healthcare is increasing, supply is decreasing. Available funds for entitlement programs like Medicaid and Medicare are declining. According to the Social Security and Medicare Board of Trustees, Medicare Part A, which helps fund hospital expenses, home services for patients after hospital stays, skilled nursing facilities, and hospice care for elderly and disabled people, will expire in 2028.

Case Study: Heal  > Download Whitepaper
At first, users had to remember different passwords for each application, and provisioning and managing accounts was a cumbersome, manual IT task. In addition, compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in Heal’s mobile, 100% cloud environment would require best-of-breed identity and access management.

Overcoming Barriers in Healthcare Digital Transformations  > Download Whitepaper
The healthcare industry is in the midst of a substantial shift toward a quality focused care model. While the transition from fee-for-service care to value-based care has been underway for some years, provider organizations are still grappling with implementing systems and processes to support this new model of healthcare. Meanwhile, costs continue to rise, with healthcare spending in North America projected to surpass $4 trillion by 2022 and global spending to be north of $10 trillion.1 In addition, regulations like HIPAA and HITECH in the United States continue to hold healthcare organizations to high levels of accountability for security and privacy practices.

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One Platform. One Agent. One View.  > Download Whitepaper
Qualys helps organizations streamline and consolidate their IT, security and compliance. The Qualys Cloud Platform and its singular Cloud Agent provides organizations a single view, for real-time security across their entire global hybrid-IT environment, from prevention to detection to response!