ISE® West Project Award Nominees 2016

Informatica Cloud Hosting Service (ICHS)
Executive Sponsor: Mohan Sankaran, VP of Product R&D, Informatica
Team Members: Ravi Murugan, Director, Cloud Ops, Scott Webber, Sr Manager, Cloud Hosting, Joel Mauldin, Sr Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Ken Thomas, Solutions Architect, Lukasz Durlak, Lead Unix Systems Engineer, Ajit Varahala, Principal Cloud Operations Engineer, Sanjath, Shringeri, Member of Technical Staff, Sarav Jagadeesan, Principal Cloud Operations Engineer, Cody Mercer, Information Security Engineer, Howard Lu, Information Security Engineer
Location: Redwood City, CA

ICHS has been developed as a singularly managed cloud platform to support Informatica in their mission to expand service offerings of best-in-class data management software to a public cloud and PaaS model. Through singular management, they have been able to keep cost to a minimum and maximize the functional releases to customers leveraging products hosted on ICHS. A single platform enables consistent enforcement of security and compliance policies and allows customers to expand their use of Informatica cloud solutions with minimal effort or consideration.

Nvidia and Globalscape: Global HA MFT Deployment
Executive Sponsor: Sanjay Narang, Systems Architect, Nvidia
Location: Santa Clara, CA

The Nvidia and Globalscape Global HA MFT Deployment included the initial inception, scoping, testing and evaluation of the deployment of a comprehensive, global managed file transfer system for Nvidia’s system. This system was brought in at a very low total cost of ownership, and has already demonstrated an excellent return on investment through the utilization of automated workflows and scripts to drive previously manually driven processes for large and disparate file transfers between multiple datacenters and locations located around the globe.

Enterprise Vulnerability Management Program
Executive Sponsor: Jenna Gallagher, Senior Manager: Vulnerability Manager and Operational Assurance, PayPal
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Supporting the high-profile $50B eBay and PayPal split necessitated creating a fully self-contained infrastructure. To ensure worldwide data integrity and a secure environment, a decision was taken to implement a comprehensive vulnerability management process to minimize risk for the organization both during and after the transition. Blending technology and business considerations, the project culminated in the creation of a set of tiered remediation processes, full governance protocols, compensating controls, and SLAs. Deployed across a 130,000+ IP address infrastructure that was still being built, the project was completed on time despite executives slicing the time allocated to the phase by 70%.