ISE® East Project Award Nominees 2023

Critical Application Network Segmentation Acceleration
Executive Sponsor: Steve Jensen, Global Chief Information Security Officer
Project Team: Georgie Pender-Bey (Manager Network Security), Jen Campbell (Principle Identity and Access Management), Will Wu (Lead Network Security Engineer), Vinodh Jayavelu (Lead Network Security Engineer), Greg Kann (Lead Network Security Engineer)

The goal of the project is to provide divisional, environmental, and host-level application segmentation among critical applications. This is in alignment with the overall Network Segmentation program aimed at reducing risks to Aegon assets.

Modernization of Endpoint Detection Strategy
Executive Sponsor: Steve Jensen, Global Chief Information Security Officer
Project Team: Jeff Bain (Manager Security Operations), Blaine Smith (Intermediate Infrastructure Services Engineer), Marcus Walther (Senior Infrastructure Security Operations Analyst), Andras Nagy (Senior Project Manager), Brad Schnur (Principal Digital Forensics and Incident Response), Brian McAllister (Principal Global Security Operations Center)

Modernization project to enhance endpoint detection and response within the Aegon enviroment. This project included displacing multiple tools with Crowdstrike, to include host based firewall functions.

Bausch Health
Zen and the Art of Privileged Access Management (PAM)
Executive Sponsor: Tom Battoglia, Vice President of Information Security
Project Team: Greg Dixon - Director of Security Architecture, Jim Johnson - IAM Architecture Manager, Dominick Castagnola - IAM Architecture Analyst

Bausch split in half and with it came disruption. The recently launched PAM solution was deeply affected, leading to a “Gumption Trap” - an event that causes people to lose motivation in a project and it languishes. A new team and strategy re-architected PAM as a cloud service.

British Petroleum
Identity Management Project of the Year
Executive Sponsor: Shaun Lennox, Principal Enterprise Technology Engineer
Project Team: Shaun Lennox, Principal Enterprise Technology Engineer

BP’s identity project aims at delivering a centralised identity governance platform across this diverse user population cutting through language, cultural and geographic boundaries.

Identity Management Project of the Year – Enterprise
Executive Sponsor: Anne Gorman, IAM Director
Project Team: Anne Gorman, IAM Director

With all the change associated with mergers and acquisition strategy, Campbell leveraged Saviynt's Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) product to strengthen its internal zero trust strategy.

Carnival Cruises
Cloud Security Project
Executive Sponsor: Carlos Beceiro, Sr. Director, Sec Architecture & Engineering
Project Team: Carlos Beciero: Sr. Director Security & Engineering, Jason Garin: Supervisor Security & Engineering

Carnival Corp's Cloud Security project constitutes an innovative selection criteria we used in early 2022 to select and implement a CNAPP solution. Orca met the criteria and was selected to provide security and visibility for our cloud environments.

Dominion Energy
Insider Threat Program
Executive Sponsor: R. Allen Davidson, Insider Threat Manager

Dominion Energy established the Insider Threat Program to protect itself from insider threats. The program vision was to mitigate today’s threats, manage the vulnerabilities, and close intelligence gaps – while also meeting tomorrow’s challenges.

Eagle Bank
Cloud Managed Secure Enterprise End User Laptops
Executive Sponsor: Supro Ghose, CISO
Project Team: Brian Parker (CIO), Supro Ghose (CISO), Brian Chambers (Director IT Ops), Kim Box (Director, PMO), Theresa Berezansky (PM), Aaron Cook (Manager of Information Security Engineering), Michael Willis (Cloud Security Engineer), Shaun Boltz (Information Security Engineer), Helena Rush (Information Security Engineer), Michael Free (Sr. Infrastructure Engineer), David Crouch (Infrastructure Engineer), Kevin Alston (Infrastructure Engineer), Mario Ashby (Infrastructure Engineer), Sabina Yasmin (Azure Engineer), Michael Farber (IAM Engineer), George Kyere (Network Engineer), Robert Farrell (Network Engineer), Md. Naeem (Network Architect), Connie Singleton (IT Service Management), Monet Lyell (IT Customer Service/HelpDesk)

EagleBank had a enduser computing environment that used legacy Citrix technology. This project provided a cloud-managed secure robust modern seamless user experience that allowed for mobility and improved the end user experience for all users.

Edward Jones
Insider Threat Program
Executive Sponsor: John Koleno, Director Information Security

Edward Jones established a formal Insider Threat Program utilizing User and Entity Behavior Analytics as a cornerstone to their strategy.

Navigating Microsoft 365 Complexities
Executive Sponsor: Swatantr Pal, Vice President
Project Team: Koushik Sinha (Assistant Vice President), Sudhanshu Negi (Senior Manager), Yasar Arafath (Senior Manager), Abhijith Pillai (Manager)

Address inherent issues in M365, like suboptimal default configurations, uncontrollable release cadence, ever-growing functionality and data. These issues may pose serious security and privacy risks which can impact business outcomes.

Identity Management Project of the Year – Enterprise
Executive Sponsor: Sean Ray-Cozzens, Manager, IT Security Projects
Project Team: Sean Ray-Cozzens, Manager, IT Security Projects

Halliburton recently moved to a cloud-based identity management and governance system with highly established global processes. This step strengthened the identity for the birthright, access requests, analytic controls, and certifications.

Harris Central Appraisal District
The Cybersecurity Champion Program
Executive Sponsor: Beata Kasper, CIO
Project Team: Beata Kasper (CIO), Lindsay Rash (ACIO - Infrastructure), Christian Wiseman (Supervisor - Shared Services), Sheila Stowe (Senior Coordinator)

The Cybersecurity Champion Program recognizes the efforts of employees who demonstrate exemplary contributions to HCAD's cybersecurity posture by actively participating in all of the district's cybersecurity training and other related initiatives.

Harris Central Appraisal District
Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Site
Executive Sponsor: Beata Kasper, CIO
Project Team: Beata Kasper (CIO), Lindsay Rash (ACIO - Infrastructure), Florencio Galendez (Engineer III - Network), Abdelkader Moussa (Engineer I - Network), Domini Mariano (Administrator III - Systems), Dave Helton (Administrator I - Systems), Nadeem Mithani (Engineer I - Info Security), Lovie Luckie Jr. (Administrator II - Systems)

In the event that the data center of our main facility is inaccessible, HCAD is replicating all production systems to be run from our co-location data center to enable the district to continue operations from remote locations.

Kraft Heinz
Identity Management Project of the Year
Executive Sponsor: Ketan Patel, Group Lead of Identity Access Management

Improperly managing employee, third party & non-human identities can have a catastrophic impact on an organization. By establishing a more centralized IAM system, we reduced their exposure to attack, protecting their organization against the threat of a breach.

Phishing to SecurIT Program
Executive Sponsor: Ronald Green, Chief Security Officer
Project Team: Jon Brickey (Senior Vice President Cybersecurity Technology), Tim Taylor (Vice President, Security Education and Awareness), Donna Mattingly (Principal, Security Education and Awareness), Jenn deBerge (Director, Communications), Robin Bisesi (Vice President, Security Education and Awareness), Jennifer Schunk (Information Security Engineer), Sergei Himpel (Senior Information Security Operations Analyst), Andrew Wenger (Information Security Operations Analyst), Jacquie Giusti (Senior Specialist, Communications)

The Phishing to SecurIT Program is a multi-year program that not only educates, trains and tests staff to recognize and report suspicious emails, but also holds the enterprise to the highest standard with the Phishing Accountability Model.

Cloud Security Governance
Executive Sponsor: Frank Aiello, SVP, Chief Information Security Officer
Project Team: Frank Aiello (Chief Information Security Officer), Kevan McCallum (Chief Technology Officer), Jon Powers (Senior Manager of Security Architecture), Mary McGovern (Senior Project Manager), Brad Longerbone (VP of Cloud Solutions), Guy Bridgeman (Senior Director of Cloud Center of Excellence), John Farinelli (IT Principal Architect of Cloud Solutions), Zain Aslam (IT Architect of Cloud Solutions), Mario McDonald (Senior Engineer of Cloud Solutions), Matt Mensch (IT Architect of Cloud Solutions), Kevin Martin (Director of Performance Engineering), Jay Adler (Senior Engineer of Performance Engineering), Jaccob Mobbs (Engineer of Performance Engineering)

Maximus’ rapid cloud adoption highlighted the need for a solution to maintain security compliance. The Cloud Security Governance project focused on immediate risk reduction and user awareness while building an automated solution in parallel.

Identity Management Project of the Year
Executive Sponsor: Nabil Hassanein, Domain Architect
Project Team: Nabil Hassanein, Domain Architect

Qantas adopted and successfully implemented a modern identity transformation program by adopting Cloud based Identity Governance and Administration solution.

IAM.Regeneron Program
Executive Sponsor: Mark Leary, Chief Information Security Officer
Project Team: Edvin Loci (Associate Director), Edwin Wong (Associate Director) Faisal Nisar (Principal Engineer), Zhen Wong (Senior Director)

Regeneron’s Identity & Access Management (IAM) program will implement a modern system, providing employees and non-employees with simplified, secure access to Regeneron’s digital assets and resources. Although the IAM.Regeneron Program was managed out of Information Security, it was vital to approach not just from the IT, security, and risk perspectives, but recognizing the broader effects across the company through the transformation since any changes to processes and technologies that support IAM impact all Regeneron people, applications, and data resources. The effort was managed through a lean team of four FTEs, three of whom were new hires, and during the shift to remote work with COVID-19.

By the end of 2022, key services were deployed to provide enhanced authentication, identity lifecycle management, access provisioning and certification, and privileged access management, that were extended to Regeneron personnel, applications, and systems. The business and IT teams collaborated to support global expansion, improve customer interaction tools, enhance operational efficiency, remediate Internal Audit findings, and reduce risk. A Managed Services Provider (MSP) was selected and onboarded to provide around-the-clock coverage for IAM services to support our business, manufacturing, and scientific applications with operational effectiveness and cost efficiency.

Project IDEA - Integrated Detection Engineering Architecture
Executive Sponsor: Mark Leary, Chief Information Security Officer
Project Team: Keith Keimig (Senior Principal, Information Security), Mihai Erazu (Principal, Information Security), Christopher Filor (Information Security Analyst), Andrea Fratila (Information Security Anayst at SecureWorks)

Project IDEA delivered an advanced industry-leading detection engineering solution that helps respond to new threats faster by dramatically reducing detection rule creation cycle time to a same-day deployment with a 5%-10% false positive rate.

CrowdStrike Deployment, Utilization, and Discovery
Executive Sponsor: Joseph Frantz, Director - Cyber Threat Defense
Project Team: Arina Powell - Information Security Engineer Senior, Stephen Porter - Information Security Engineer Senior, Sean Rowe - Information Security Engineer Senior, Aaron Fisher - Information Security Analyst Senior, Alex Walston - Information Security Analyst II, Zachary Hooper - Information Security Analyst I, Mark Dermer - Information Security Analyst II, Patrick Barnes - Information Security Engineer Senior, Steven Lees - Information Security Engineer Lead, Charles Davis - IAM Analyst II, Steven Rose - IAM System Administrator II

The project replaced the Endpoint Detection and Response solution to enhance the cybersecurity infrastructure, positively transform processes, drive efficiencies, provide visibility, and substantially reduce risks associated with cyber threats.

Victoria's Secret
Quantitative Risk Program and Cyber Business Decision Support Team
Executive Sponsor: John Dyce, Senior Manager, Cybersecurity Risk Solutions
Project Team: Risklens (including FAIR consulting); Managed Service Provider supporting the overall project, Lynne Rapier; Senior Security Analyst, Justin Schultz; Senior Security Analyst, Malone Weghorst; Senior Security Analyst, Richard Coogan; Lead Security Analyst, Nate Papaleo; Lead Security Analyst, Becky Miller; Security Analyst 2, Valerie Baidoo; Security Analyst 2

In order to help VS&Co make better, more informed risk decisions, the Cybersecurity Organization created a Cyber Business Decision Support (CBDS) Team performing quantitative risk analysis replacing an ineffective, legacy, qualitative function.

Victoria's Secret
Data Protection Program
Executive Sponsor: Mike Webb, Senior Manager, Risk Governance and Data Protection
Project Team: PWC; BigID; Varonis (12 principals and consultants); Managed Service Provider supporting the overall project, Barb Malone; Lead Security Analyst, Brad Mead; Senior Security Analyst, Varun Kode; Security Analyst 2, Marianne Brown; Senior Security Analyst, Brittney Shieh; Security Analyst 2

VS&Co Data Protection Program collected structured/unstructured full-stack data centric inventory using hundreds of sources, identified data repository landscape of 900TB+ data/7800+ databases, and mapped priority data elements/patterns enterprise-wide.