ISE® Central Project Award Nominees 2019

360-Degree Cybersecurity
Executive Sponsor: Branndon Kelley, Senior VP & Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Project Team: Jared Price (CTO), Stephen Ivanko (Manager of Cyber Security), Steven Nusser (Senior Systems Administrator – Cyber Security)
Location: Columbus, OH

Cyberattacks are a growing challenge for the energy industry, potentially compromising critical infrastructure. Geopolitical disruption and monetary gain are powerful motivators. American Municipal Power (AMP), a nonprofit wholesale power supplier and services provider, set out to create 360-degree cybersecurity. AMP had invested heavily in perimeter and endpoint security, but Branndon Kelley, AMP’s CIO, knew that if an attacker bypassed its carefully crafted defenses, the threat would be hidden. AMP wanted to detect insider threats faster and with less effort.

Business Resilience – Changing the Culture from Continuity to Resilient Enterprise
Executive Sponsor: Scott Pettigrew, VP and Chief Security Officer
Project Team: George Macrelli, Latasha Robinson, Tosha Terry-Lee
Location: Irving, TX

From Integration, to Automation, Compliance to Communication, the HMS Business Resilience Program is an integrated enterprise wide program that applies automation for monitoring world events, including HMS infrastructure technology, such as, servers, networks, and assets. It provides consistent Change Monitoring and Management by automating the updating of infrastructure changes for our Business Impact Analyses and Recovery Procedures. It allows us to demonstrate compliance with HITRUST, ISO, and SOC frameworks, which ensures the standardization of control information. This cultural shift positioned HMS in pursuing a ‘Resilient Enterprise’ designation from an international Continuity Program leader.

CERP-CERP, Listening to the Customer
Executive Sponsor: Scott Pettigrew, VP and Chief Security Officer
Project Team: George Macrelli, Brian Pannell, Clay Ramsey
Location: Irving, TX

The HMS Security Team realized the need to simplify Customer ‘Requests for Information’ during Customer Security Attestations, Audits, and new business. It was becoming apparent that there was a need improve the experience, by simplifying and enhancing our current process. The design required us to ensure that we could respond timely, accurately, and with consistent information. The Customer Engagement Request Portal (CERP), is a central portal for our Account Managers, and marketing teams to enter requests to help facilitate and manage requests for Security Information. The solution needed to, handle the volume of requests, ensure consistent responses to common requests with Information Intelligences, facilitate tracking and management, and offer analysis and reporting.

johnson financial group
Migration to Cloud Identity Governance and Administration as a Service
Executive Sponsor: Brent Maher, SVP Chief Information Security Officer
Project Team: Brian Hawver (JFG AVP Customer Services Manager), Jordan Martone (JFG AVP Info Security Manager), Ashwin Achar (Engagement Manager), Anurag Dewan (Engagement Manager), Ryan Stynes (Project Manager), Larry Carter (IAM Architect), Pooja Mehta (RSA Tech Lead), Vivek Sharma (Lead IAM Developer), Ajinkya Borkar (IAM Consultant)
Location: Racine, WI

In an effort to improve efficiency and effectiveness, JFG decided to migrate their on-premise Identity Governance and Administration tool (RSA G&L version 7.01 P02) to a cloud-based IGA-as-a-Service (Simeio Solutions IGA-as-a-Service). This would allow JFG to spend less time on the technical and tool-based aspects of IGA and focus their time on managing risk and maintaining controls and compliance. JFG partnered with Simeio Solutions to complete this migration. Together, they migrated the IGA system and all of the accompanying automated controls (including custom scripts and workflows) for 55 applications, leveraging 89 data “collectors”. At the conclusion of the migration, JFG was left with a Service-Level Agreement based service, with operational support and IGA process support.

SecurIT First
Executive Sponsor: Shelbi Rombout, Senior Vice President - Deputy Chief Information Security Officer
Project Team: Tim Taylor (Vice President, Project Management), David King (Vice President, Vulnerability Management), Poonam Verma (Vice President, Information Security Operations), Eric Gunn (Senior Analyst, Vulnerability Management), Donna Mattingly (Consultant, Project Management), Travis May (Director, Learning & Development), Brian Kruse (Director, Vulnerability Management), Jenn deBerge (Director, Communications), Tim Fowler (Manager, Vulnerability Management)
Location: O'Fallon, MO

While security systems can be programmed to safeguard exactly what we need them to protect, we cannot program the human. Mastercard created the SecurIT First education awareness program to foster a security mindset and encourage behaviors that will reduce risk. This custom program was also designed to meet compliance and legal requirements.

One McDermott
Executive Sponsor: Steve Moloney, Chief Information Security Officer
Project Team: Larry Buzzy (Cyber Operations Manager), Dave Naples (Cyber Risk Manager), Ian Darce (Cloud/AD Manager), Emil Nabiyev (Infrastructure Manager), Brent Paugh (Network Manager), Tamara Hartman (Communications Manager), John Shaull (Collaboration Manager) Tina Marcel (Sr Cyber Security Analyst), Trevor Butler (Cyber Security Analyst), Jeff Pawlowski (Sr Cyber Security Analyst), Michael Peterman (Sr Cyber Identity Specialist)
Location: Houston, TX

In 2018, McDermott began the journey to combine with Chicago Bridge and Iron. This combination brought vast scale in their business operations as they doubled in size. McDermott, a company with a leading security posture across the industry pre-merger, was faced with an elevated cyber risk during a time of high vulnerability within a new complex security and infrastructure environment. McDermott’s Cyber Security team successfully overcame the challenge to keep the company and its employees cyber safe while, at the same time, fully integrating security tools and operations in support of combining two companies.

Cloudy with a Chance of SecOps
Executive Sponsor: Ricardo Lafosse, CISO
Project Team: Matthew Speakman (Security Analyst)
Location: Chicago, IL

This project highlights how Morningstar upskilled their demoralized SecOps team into a Hogwarts-worthy team of cloud automation wizards, utilizing AWS cloud transformation; taking a cloud-native first methodology; automation; and retooling for cloud.

Cloud Access Security Broker Project
Executive Sponsor: Kurt Haberstroh, Director, SCADA (with Cyber Security Operations during project)
Project Team: John Strickland (Security Analyst), Darrin Tyrrell (Security Architect), Mikel Collins (Project Manager), Jim Parsley (Project Sponsor)
Location: Bartlesville, OK

With an ever-increasing drive to move systems and data to the ‘Cloud’ the complexities of how to protect these assets is a growing concern. Despite off-premises locations, companies are still required to meet the internal and external compliance mandates of protecting company data. Cloud Access Security Brokers, or CASB, is a rapidly evolving technology designed to provide insight and control of cloud traffic. Because of their focus on cloud solutions, CASBs are uniquely positioned to provide insights not generally provided by other security solutions. This project implemented and configured the McAfee MVISION Cloud (formerly Skyhigh) CASB solution.