ISE® Central Project Award Nominees 2020

Executive Sponsor: Tyler Young, Sr. Manager, Head of Cybersecurity
Project Team: Liz Zelko (Sr. Cyber Security Analyst), Kyle Kurdziolek (Cyber Security Analyst)
Location: Chicago, IL

This intelligence feed is aimed at filling a threat intelligence gap within the legal industry by collecting and providing industry specific Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) to any legal or legal adjacent entities looking to build or improve upon their security program and posture. This feed is aggregated from several sources, including SaaS e-discovery environments, our network of legal specific honeypots and other open source intelligence feeds.

CyberSOC to Enable Digital Journey
Executive Sponsor: Mario Chiock, Fellow, Cyber Security
Project Team: Cybersecurity Engineering: Jean-Loup Bevierre (Core Assets Cyber Security Engineering Mgr.), Tan Hung Hoong (Cyber Security Automation and Tooling Mgr.), Himali Saxena (IT Security Automation Engineer); CyberSOC: Andrey Melnikov (CyberSOC Mgr. – Western Hemisphere), Saptoto Aji (CyberSOC Mgr. – Eastern Hemisphere); Schlumberger Leadership: Ashok Belani (CTO), Mario Chiock (Fellow, Cyber Security), Sebastien Lehnherr (CIO); John Driggers (Digital Security Director)
Location: Houston, TX

As a large, global organization undergoing digital transformation, Schlumberger needed to more effectively prioritize and manage an increasing number of security alerts and a shortage of talent while maintaining a more consistent process for alert handling and response. The CyberSOC project deployed a Next Generation Cyber Security Operations Center using cutting-edge technologies and promoting Schlumberger Cyber Security as a differentiating capability to enable Schlumberger’s Digital transformation journey. By introducing orchestration, automation, and best-in-class tools, Schlumberger increased the number of incidents handled per month by up to 10× within the first year while increasing the engagement and motivation of the team.

Southwest Session Extension
Executive Sponsor: Mandy McBride, Manager of Desktop Channel Strategy
Project Team: Zane Wu (Sr Software Engineer), Nash Gounden (Project Manager), Nick Wood (Business Consultant Digital Performance), Caitlin Savage (Business Consultant Digital Desktop Projects)
Location: Dallas, TX

Southwest Airlines web customers were challenged with a 30 minutes timeout session before they would be automatically logged out. SWA partnered with Shape Security, using Shape Recognize to extended users sessions to 7 days without increasing fraud. Shape Recognize proved to extend user session for known good users, without any increase in fraud and providing an increase in customer conversions. The upside from a revenue perspective has the potential to increase online sales by millions annually, improving customer experience and reducing overall fraud.