Software Security Assurance Summits

Software Security Assurance Summits

About the SSA Summits

The Software Security Assurance Summit Series (SSA Summit Series) is multi-city series that brings together software and security practitioners and industry thought leaders to address key challenges as well as the best practices, innovative strategies and emerging solutions to enable you to secure the applications that run your business. Facilitated by T.E.N. and sponsored by HP Enterprise Security, this series is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with peers and industry experts about the increasing risk and vulnerabilities associated with flawed legacy applications, traditional software development and to examine the importance of the role of software security assurance within enterprises of all sizes. Each event features a dynamic keynote speaker and interactive roundtable discussions with industry experts that will provide valuable takeaways for immediate implementation and strategies for building and running more resilient software for a more secure enterprise.

Mark Graff

Keynote Speaker - Mark Graff, Founder and CEO at Tellagraff, LLC

Better Software Security Assurance with Confluence
Mr. Graff will illustrate how Confluence can be applied throughout the entire development lifecycle, including project inception, design, implementation, testing, deployment, operation, and maintenance. He will also provide advice specifically for Chief Information Security Officers and other enterprise security executives, and describes the promise Confluent architecture holds for adapactive, self-healing network defense. Learn more


Objectives and Benefits

  • Learn tactics for overcoming common obstacles to collaboration between developers and IT security professionals
  • Learn how to enable programmers design, write, deploy, and operate more secure software and network security engineers to use application output more effectively
  • Learn to organize a software security team before you’ve even created requirements and discover how to avoid the unmanageable complexity and inherent flaws of layered security through more comprehensive security testing
  • Gain strategies for implementing positive software design practices and identifying security defects in existing designs; collaborating to improve code reviews, clarify attack scenarios associated with vulnerable code, and validate positive compliance; and integrating your new application with your existing security infrastructure
  • Interact with peers in security and development and discuss key issues involving repeatable software security assurance, the importance of collaboration to success, and how to measure/report on ROI to prove the business value of your SSA program


  • Security, infrastructure and software/application development professionals at all levels.
  • Participants must be practitioners working for commercial end-user organizations, federal, state and local government agencies as well as educational institutions. No consultants or solutions providers.
  • T.E.N. will vet all registrations for eligibility. Please contact our team to request an invitation.

About the Sponsor

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Today’s organizations are facing the most aggressive threat environment in the history of information technology. Emerging computing trends have greatly increased productivity and business agility—but at the same time, have introduced a host of new risks. Actionable security intelligence is critical to protecting your organization from this rising tide of security threats.

HP is a leading provider of security intelligence and compliance solutions for enterprises that want to mitigate risk and defend against today’s most advanced threats. Based on market-leading products from ArcSight, Atalla, Fortify and TippingPoint, HP Enterprise Security Products enables organizations to take a proactive approach to security, integrating information correlation, application analysis and network-level defense. HP Security Research strengthens this portfolio of solutions through innovative research, delivering actionable security intelligence while providing insight into the future of security and the most critical threats facing organizations today.

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