ISE® Success Stories

Stacey Halota
ISE® Mid-Atlantic Executive: Commercial Award Winner 2009
Returning ISE® Judge

Since I last spoke with the T.E.N. team for my initial Success Story, I have continued to participate in a variety of their programs, such as acting as a judge for their ISE® Regional Series and the ISE® Lions’ Den and Jungle Lounge. I thoroughly enjoy continuing to work alongside the T.E.N team, as it never ceases to provide my company and me with new, exciting opportunities.

Recently I took upon a strategic advisory board position with Graham Holding’s newest cybersecurity training company, CyberVista. I believe that continuing to attend and participate in T.E.N.’s programs has been significantly beneficial to this new position, as I am able to connect with industry experts who can offer advice on improving CyberVista or possibly work with us in the program. Each event—be it an ISE® Regional Program, an ISE® Private Dinner, the ISE® Lion’s Den, or another program—has always provided a channel for interacting with exciting new potential partners and peers, and my industry network continues to expand each time I attend.

There is so much to be learned at T.E.N.’s events. The educational aspect is phenomenal, as they are always helping us to learn more about the newest issues or best practices for tackling a rapidly-evolving industry like information security. By connecting with attendees in T.E.N.’s network, we benefit from one another’s knowledge and can learn from the mistakes and trials they may share. I have never left an ISE® event feeling disappointed—they are always well organized; the speakers are of high caliber; and the guests who attend are knowledgeable and willing to share experiences. Networking with all of these professionals is incredibly valuable and T.E.N.’s ISE® Programs set a unique scene for that to occur.

I am very grateful for Marci and the T.E.N. team’s continued diligence not only in connecting with others in the industry and raising them up, but also in encouraging those who are new to information security or who struggle to find a place within it. They work tirelessly to lift up this industry, which otherwise goes relatively unnoticed, as something important and valuable, and we all thoroughly appreciate that recognition.

Every T.E.N. experience I have had has been terrific. The ISE® Private Dinners and Executive Forums are fantastic, as you get to hear fellow executives discussing interesting, relevant industry subjects. But most importantly, participating in the ISE® Awards ceremonies provide you with an opportunity that can change your career and your life if you participate. I would highly recommend giving it a shot and nominating, because you never know what that recognition could do for your future.