ISE® Success Stories

Kim Van Nostern
ISE® Midwest Executive Award Winner 2005
ISE® Midwest People's Choice Award Winner 2005

When Marci McCarthy reached out to me to see if I would be interested in attending an ISE® event, it was as if the stars aligned.  I had been with Allstate for 26years and had spent the last seven years as their first Chief Information Security Officer. My team and I built the security organization from the ground up. We were implementing some very innovative programs and I thought  the ISE® Awards offered the perfect channel at the perfect time to recognize our team for their accomplishments. I was able to have my team there with me at the event. It was great for them to experience the recognition and see that our work was nominated among all of these industry leaders. Winning the ISE® Midwest People’s Choice Award the same year was really special and also humbling because I was selected by my peers.  
The ISE® Award elevated the visibility and role that our team played within our company. The fact that we were recognized as one of the best in the industry definitely did not go unnoticed by senior leaders, my peers and the company. We had built a pretty cohesive organization and people were beginning to realize that information security plays a key role within the enterprise. However, external industry recognition had a significant impact on the way our company perceived our worth and contributions.

For me, the best part of the T.E.N. & ISE® experience was the ability to network and collaborate with other information security professionals. It was really incredible to hear what other companies were doing in the security space.
The ISE® Awards are so important because the benefits continue long after the gala is over. You have spent the time networking, collaborating and building relationships with your peers, and after the event you have this amazing group of people that you can call on for advice, problem-solving, brainstorming or whatever you may need. That network is invaluable.

When Marci approached me about becoming an ISE® Industry Expert, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of such a great team. This was a perfect way for me to give back to the industry and also stay in contact with all of the people that I have known throughout the years. It is such a great way to collaborate with other information security executives and professionals.

Because of our positive experience with T.E.N. and ISE® Programs, my team has continued to submit nominations, and I was happy to have paved the way to continue this tradition that will recognize future executives and project teams. If you are considering submitting a nomination, I truly believe you should! You may be a finalist, you may not be, but the process of submitting a nomination and being part of the T.E.N. & ISE® experience is something that you will never forget.