ISE® Success Stories

Casey Crowder
Sr. Manager, Marketing, Tanium

Prior to November of last year, Tanium lacked any sort of marketing presence. We wanted to find a way to increase brand awareness and share more about what we do as a company. Several new team members had prior experience with T.E.N. and ISE® Programs. They had plenty of positive things to say about T.E.N. and the experiences they had while working with them in previous roles. After further evaluating the opportunity, we determined that T.E.N. was the right fit to help us achieve our marketing objectives.

One of our goals was to try to find a way to connect some of our sales team members with people from the Global 200 Accounts, and with T.E.N.’s help, we were able to do just that. Our sales team was able to connect and interact with the right people in the industry and generate conversations about a number of major issues in the industry at large. Through these discussions, we’ve been able to grow our network substantially.

The T.E.N. team was able to share networking information with us and follow through with their commitment to the number of events and people that they agreed to provide. They never blinked an eye at our requests and I always felt confident that they would be able to fill a room with the people we wanted. It was also very comforting to know upfront who was being invited to the various dinners we sponsored. The T.E.N. team helped us to align our targets with known industry thought leaders in their network and all of our attendees seemed very pleased with the events.

The whole experience has been nothing but positive. The whole team gets involved, both in preparing all the logistics in advance and managing every aspect of the event onsite. The folks at T.E.N. have always been fantastic in regards to communicating with us and responding to emails in a quick and timely fashion. They’ve felt less like an outside company and more like an extension of our own internal marketing team. The attention and detail has been there from start to finish and has made for some phenomenal events.

We’ve continued to develop relationships with many of the individuals and different organizations that have attended our events. We’ve also been able to further build our existing relationships and grow our sales pipeline in terms of quantity and quality. The amount we’ve invested in T.E.N. & ISE® Programs are minimal compared to the returns we’ve experienced.

Our marketing team has been extremely satisfied with every aspect of our partnership with T.E.N. The Tanium executives that have attended these events also have all been very pleased with the results and how everything came together. T.E.N. & ISE® Programs are a great investment and we couldn’t have asked for better.