ISE® Success Stories

Jennifer Graham
ISE® Southeast Project Award Finalist 2016

I have been involved with T.E.N.’s ISE® Programs since the very beginning, following their outstanding growth and success for over a decade. My teams and I have attended almost every ISE® Southeast Executive Forum and Awards, and I’ve also been to quite a few ISE® Private Dinners in the Southeast region, as well as their ISE® North America Leadership Summit and Awards. Suffice to say, I have enjoyed taking part in these events since their inception because of the opportunities the programs provide for professionals to connect with one another, collaborate on important discussions, and celebrate leading successes.

I owe the T.E.N. team a lot of thanks for having programs like the ISE® Executive Forum and Awards. Working with a financial institution like SunTrust, security is at the forefront of our organization. Any chance we have to discuss that security is vital, and the connections and educational opportunities ISE® events provide to my team do just that. Information Security experts come together to share experiences, compare security strategies, and discuss new trends and technology, and we always leave these illuminating events with new developments in mind to bring back home to SunTrust and make our organization all the better. Throughout my entire career with SunTrust, attending these events has done so much to help me and my team grow and become experts in our field.

Furthermore, I have never attended a T.E.N. program where I didn’t meet someone new during their forums and networking events—and that, to me, is a very significant and invaluable benefit for any InfoSec professional. I often bring new people and teams with me to each event so they, too, can expand their network beyond just those in the SunTrust family. T.E.N. has a talent for creating the settings we in the Information Security industry need to network with new people and improve alongside one another. We have made lifelong connections that we can consistently rely upon, and that’s not something you experience anywhere else.

One of the best aspects of being a nominee for the ISE® Awards is knowing that, if you win an award or are even just chosen as a finalist, you do so by a vote of your peers. We submitted nominations not just to see if we would win, but also because we highly value giving fellow InfoSec professionals the opportunity to view our projects and provide suggestions and advice on how to improve.

Recognition and advice from your colleagues in this industry is valuable to your continued growth as an Information Security professional. The goal in attending isn’t just about winning an ISE® Award—it’s about what you are learning in the process. To anyone considering attending an ISE® Awards program as a nominee, I have to ask: “Why not?” The ISE® programs give your team the platform to celebrate their success on a stage far beyond the framework of your company. They gain the satisfaction that the hard work and diligence they put into their projects and strategies are worthy of a stage and of being celebrated amongst their fellow professionals.

The personal and team growth; the networking and reinforced connections; and the celebration of a unique, passionate, hardworking industry like Information Security are all benefits that come from cooperating with T.E.N. and attending their ISE® events. Submit a nomination, attend their events, and see for yourself how much you can learn.