ISE® Success Stories

Michael Pistiolis
Advisor for Financial Services, Intralinks

We decided to partner with T.E.N. because we were looking to increase our visibility in the technology space. The reputation that T.E.N. and ISE® Programs have within the technology industry and among the information security executives was exactly what we were looking for.

I have had the opportunity to attend the ISE® Southeast Executive Forum and Awards, as well as a few ISE® Private Dinners. The preparation and orchestration of both of these types of events is second to none and a major benefit of partnering with T.E.N. The ISE® Awards present the executives in the industry with an opportunity to get out of the office and collaborate with their peers and get recognition for all of the hard work they, and their teams, have done. The larger scale ISE® Programs allow you to connect the dots from executives to solution providers in an atmosphere that is fun and conducive to relationship building. The ISE® Private Dinners are more intimate by nature and typically there is a better conversation and dialogue. It allows us, the solution providers, to really hear what the executives need and assist them in a more meaningful and organic way.

One of the things that made partnering with T.E.N. a positive experience is that they do all of the heavy lifting, which is something that we do not always have the time to do. The planning that happens before, the organization, and coordination of the actual event and the follow-up after is impressive. If someone is late or lost, a member of the T.E.N. team is on the phone checking to see if they need assistance or if they want us to reserve a seat for them. That level of customer service is not seen with other organizations and is a huge benefit.

Another thing that impressed me about T.E.N. was their ability to attract our top targets to ensure the right people are in the room. They are able to get the economic buyer into this intimate type of forum and we are able bring our leadership team in to speak to them directly.

As a result of our partnership with T.E.N., we have been able to build so many new relationships and develop qualified leads. We have been able to grow our database, making our email marketing efforts more successful and scheduling second and third meetings with executives. There is no price tag you can put on that. Building relationships with these companies is priceless and that is why we sponsor these events. Plus, it’s not work! These events are fun and engaging. The executives are in their comfort zone, collaborating and speaking freely. It is definitely worth the investment.