ISE® Success Stories

DJ Goldsworthy
ISE® Southeast Project Award Winner 2017

My team was nominated for the ISE® Awards through two different solutions providers with whom we have a relationship. Upon noticing the significant progress we had made in two separate projects, they nominated us to show the industry our success. It was very exciting for my teams to be nominated for these awards. Our group is comprised of very talented individuals with a passion for information security, and it was truly rewarding to receive recognition for their diligence outside of the walls of our own company.

One of the best aspects of the executive forum portion of the ISE® Programs is the nominee showcase. I really enjoyed seeing what other people were doing in their own company to tackle security challenges—it allows us to compare their strategy with our own and see how we can continue to change and improve. The executive roundtables provide a similar benefit, where we can gather together and discuss on a more intimate level the way we can approach risks, threats and other challenges. All of these aspects of the Executive Forum and more help us learn from one another and strengthen our stance on security intelligence and cybersecurity as new technology develops and evolved problems arise.

It was really exciting to be a part of the ISE® Awards. It was honoring to be onstage among other security executives and project teams, all who serve as model individuals and teams for the future of the industry. Our ISE® Project Award success was announced not only at the Awards Gala, but on social media sites, as well, which spread news of our achievements around the industry with “positive press” that our company, vendors and clients all enjoy hearing about. The recognition our team received reaffirmed to our company leadership and other high-ranking executives that our projects are successful and that we are taking significant strides to perform unique feats in security. They are assured that the investment they made in our teams is validated and worthwhile, which in turn provides a boost in our team’s confidence and morale.

Overall, the greatest benefit to the whole ISE® Programs experience is the networking. The close-knit group of attendees gives us the chance to speak in a private, collaborative setting about our security ventures, where we do not have to be so guarded with our discussions. But beyond just sharing information, attending the ISE® Programs reminds us that security isn’t an isolating island. We can reach out to one another and work together to address these issues and threats as they arise. Doing so can strengthen our defenses far better than secluding ourselves exclusively to in-house discussions ever would.

The ISE® Programs also includes vendor interactions, which is a pleasant experience. The solutions providers who sponsor and attend these programs are aware of the relaxed setting that T.E.N. creates, and as such, they tend to skip the “elevator pitch” frame of mind and instead allow executives and vendors to talk on a more technical level. As a result, we can learn so much more about what these providers can offer and how their solutions can be tailored specifically to our security needs. ISE® Programs creates unique opportunities to make meaning connections.

T.E.N.’s events provide a continuous stream of opportunities to meet and interact with your industry peers throughout the year, all across the country. It is an excellent avenue for strengthening collaborative relationships in your network and discussing crucial topics in security. As such, I really encourage security executive leaders and project teams to submit a nomination for themselves or their peers for the ISE® Awards. There are countless benefits to your own personal and career growth. Furthermore, being part of the ISE® Awards not only recognizes outstanding leadership in your organization, but serves as a testament to your company and partners that it’s a smart investment to keep their information and organization safe. My team enjoyed the experience and the benefits thereafter. Take the chance –I know you will, too.