Cloud Security Symposium - San Francisco

Securing Tier 1 Apps in a Virtualized World – Fact, Fiction or Wishful Thinking?

Roundtable Summary

  • Virtualization and cloud continue to evolve in strategy and there is not one approach or method to either
  • You can not just forklift your physical data to cloud, it has a process.
  • When looking at your data with the cloud there is a no longer a set perimeter.
  • Lack of patching can bring about a compliance issues
  • Need to use Snapshots before full deployment of a patch
  • Big Data – proliferation of data—how do you encapsulate, tag and prioritize this amount of data
  • Some prefer to white list over using AV—can you do security with out AV?
  • Protect data at the capture point
  • Concerns about the future are focused heavily around personal info