Cloud Security Symposium - San Francisco

Endpoint Security in a BYOD World

Roundtable Summary

  • People will bring their own devices to work.
  • Hard to stay ahead of the BYOD model with new devices being introduced daily.
  • Some devices include more than just your phone
  • “Mass 360” is a product on the market that is used by organizations to manage these remote devices.
  • Trend’s CTO wanted to email on his own computer and this is how it started at Trend Micro!  Trend Micro employees are now on Mac’s!
  • Trend Micro formally supports Mac’s for its employees
  • Data is every where – how do you comply and create acceptable user policies that have clear definitions
  • Recommendation – have separate private and business spaces on the mobile device
  • Risk Based Management and analysis – need a vendor that can help with this. Improving functionality is managing risk.
  • Is it empowerment to have employees embrace BYOD?  Or is it more headaches?  Challenge to find a balance.
  • Data security option is to have Location/Geo on the device via a hot spot.  Then end user can access data in trusted zones.  i.e. A doctor accessing patient data via an iPad but in the physical boundaries of the hospital.
  • Many e-discovery issues continue to crowd the legal horizon. Dilemma….  what to do if you find in appropriate or criminal content on the personal section of the mobile device.  Is that illegal search and seizure?
  • Need to define mobile usage policies with General Counsel and HR Departments.
  • Patch management on the devices….??? Android is behind the iPhone but what about the next device that will come out?
  • Virtualizing the device may allow you to jump from one environment to another.  (Personal to corporate and vice-versa)
  • Or partition data on device.