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Seeing the Bigger Picture with Big Data Security Analytics

How many of you are already on the Big Data journey? This is the question Shadaab Kanwal addressed to the room after his roundtable discussion had concluded. Like his participants, the executives in attendance also proved that all of them are at different stages of maturity in big data adoption and analytics within their organizations. What is the difference between data and analytics? The table’s consensus was that they are both small bits that make up the bigger picture, and what is important is that we ensure those bits are connected so that picture can be seen and studied accurately. Since everyone is currently at different states of maturity, we cannot yet say that we are in a predictive state when it comes to big data. We can, however, focus on the business need whenever we try to use data and analytics to create that bigger picture. However, there is still some struggle with combining internal stores of data with externally collected data, and that will only improve as we become more mature in the tools we are using and how we learn from business use cases. Even though there is hype in using AI and machine learning, even those technologies have not matured to be fully predictive, so we still have a long way to go when it comes to utilizing the maximum potential of big data and the tools surrounding it.