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What Is Security’s Role in Digital Transformation?

The roundtable discussions started off with moderator Bruce Coffing leading his table through the key points of digital transformation. Many participants engaged in topics surrounding security culture and collaborative efforts with other departments, agreeing that it’s much easier to enable digital transformation within an enterprise if one already has the fundamentals in place. One best practice a participant suggested was to document and recreate security incidents that would create a knowledge base your security team can study and learn from as new incidents occur. Likewise, document your best practices and security solutions so that they are repeatable and sustainable. The group also discussed requirements for agile squads, namely having a checklist ready for solutions and the capabilities they are supposed to deliver. Using the checklist, security teams can more accurately deduce what the compliance requirements will be and what security needs will be fulfilled as a result. Finally, the group covered the importance of cultureship. It’s crucial that security teams make other employees and departments understand why security methods, processes, and tools sometimes need to change in order to fulfill greater business objectives.