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The Internet of Things is Here and Growing but are You Ready for it?

This roundtable group had a wide representation of industries, which made for engaging discussion on all our devices being interconnected in this modern age. In particular, the group agreed that one of the best ways to securely protect your organizations within the Internet of Things is bringing in people with skills and perspectives from outside your industry who can provide fresh views and ideas to your team. Now that our devices and systems are so intertwined, it makes sense to also begin interconnecting skills and strategies to form a new defense front. Beyond that, however, the group agrees that educating employees and end users on risks and preventative methods creates a firmer foundation in securing your company. One way of ensuring everyone actively seeks the knowledge and skills to protect themselves within the IoT is making it personal—educate them on how a threat or attack not only compromises sensitive company data, but also compromises their personal lives and careers as well. By bringing it down to that personal level, educating employees and end users, remaining highly vigilant in your current strategies, and consistently seeking new ways to protect your organization and private data, teams can stay on top of the Internet of Things and stay ahead of the risks on the horizon.