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Is Endpoint Prevention Really Dead?

The group agreed from the start that endpoint prevention is not dead. From a compliance perspective, you definitely need those tools—checking boxes, antivirus programs, and so on are vital endpoint tools that companies use. But in regards to endpoints that are multi-purpose in nature, there are not a lot of resources that can handle proper protection. Being able to prevent issues from happening rather than generating programs of detection and response is a preference, but that isn’t always possible if you lack an abundance of tools or tools with the necessary capabilities in the current market. Solutions can also be difficult to come by depending on the platform being used. Not every tool or program is compatible with Macs, PCs, iPhones, Android, and so on. That can limit what companies have available to tackle endpoint prevention. The type of business you are in can also affect what tools are available—different industries have different needs. For example, the mobile industry has a variety of needs and endpoints, and covering all those bases in a rapidly developing industry is difficult to achieve.

In summary, the group does not believe endpoint prevention is dead and is an important piece of company security. However, teams need more diverse tools that work across various devices, industries, platforms, and so on in order to truly maximize their endpoint prevention strategy.