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No Longer Left to Their Own Devices: Hacking Concerns with the Internet of Things

The group had a fairly rousing discussion that started with the consumerization of IT. For most people, they don’t care what they have to do or what they have to sign off on as long as they can get their devices connected and working with one another. Should there be better opt in and opt out disclaimers upfront so consumers and end users know and understand what they are?

Certain companies have handled the IoT by doing war gaming practices to test how they would handle a major breach or hack scenario on a series of interconnected devices. The group also discussed how things like an interconnected system in something like a car could pose potential issues as well as how an engineer designing the system should take the overall connectivity of the setup into consideration from a security standpoint. They need to be trained in some basic security code measures. As we get more and more IT, the overall since of privacy gets smaller and smaller.