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The Era of Cyber War Games Has Arrived – Are You Prepared to Play?

Realistically, has anyone really stopped shopping at Target or stopped using their PlayStation consoles? Even these massive incidents did not degrade the business reputation. Behavioral change isn’t common when there is no significant impact on the consumer. Following many incidents, the consumer receives a new credit card and goes back to business with some additional credit monitoring, and the growing frequency is desensitizing the population. So what does frighten the consumer? The loss of data is more significant than the loss of a credit card and knowing that data being taken from one place can be used maliciously in many other ways.

There are big privacy issues. How does the industry top these issues and protect? It starts at the foundation. Consider fully what is being done and why? What data is really needed to support this function?

As times change, the industry needs to collaborate more and share our knowledge and best practices. Do we consider sharing to relinquish a competitive advantage? Sharing can be done in a way that offers support and helps the industry as a whole to grow stronger. We can share about all topics and together build stronger security programs to protect users.