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Using Security Intelligence for a Competitive Advantage

Be you a technology solution provider or a large-scale organization, it’s no longer sufficient to simply make a statement that you are protecting your organization’s and your customers’ intellectual property and information assets from attack. As more data becomes digitized and the volume of data continues to expand, evidence of protection must be provided. As a result, CISOs are looking at data in a more meaningful way with the goal of demonstrating to boards of directors, third parties, regulators, and customers that they are complying with regulations and conforming to good practices.

Challenges include:

  • Marketing the security department’s capabilities and the demonstrative protection of data assets as a competitive advantage.
  • Taking advantage of all the capabilities, features and functionalities that data analysis technology has to offer.
  • Locating people who can master the data analysis software and the platform technology that it needs.

Recommendations include:

  • Reallocate data scientists from other departments to work in the security space, or employ new data scientists.
  • Leverage data visualization tools to analyze and understand all the different ways that someone could steal intellectual property.
  • Communicate reporting and evidentiary needs to security vendors.