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Secrets to Achieving End-to-End Email Security

Phishing and spear phishing of an organization’s employees and customers is on the rise. It always falls to the user to validate the message. Checking the validity of a website is easy because one gets a green address bar that lets one know it’s a validated site. With email, however, users can't tell a real message from a fake one. Because there will always be a level of users who will click on links organizations need to have a practical strategy for protecting the organization. Because hunting down the spammers is unviable, organizations are looking to DMARC and DKIM as a solution. DMARC gives organizations visibility into phishing attacks. Armed with this information they can move quickly to take down anomalous sites. Yahoo, Gmail and other large ISPs are also using DMARC to check the authenticity of email messages and the domains from which they are sent and reject fraudulent emails.

Organizations are also concerned about employees unintentionally sending out sensitive information through insecure email. Organizations can use encryption and DLP solutions to protect sensitive information; however, it remains incumbent upon the organization to provide security training and educate users.