Jim Covington is the Global Cybersecurity Lead and Data Protection Officer for Qualcomm Life where he is responsible for data security and privacy encompassing cloud infrastructure and applications, medical devices, and regulatory compliance. Previously Jim was a Chief Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton where he led teams focused on helping commercial clients develop strategic initiatives to address their cybersecurity risks and enhance safeguards through design and implementation of industry leading solutions. He also acted as the cybersecurity trusted advisor for the Treasury Departments Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). With over 19 years in the field, Jim has a wide range of experience in cybersecurity and privacy including ISO 27001 certification, PCI compliance, policies and standards, and penetration testing. He has been a speaker at regional and national cybersecurity and data privacy events including ISSA, IAPP Privacy Summit, National Security Leaders Symposium, and RSA. Jim has numerous industry certifications and a Master’s degree in Psychology. Prior to delving into the world of cyber security Jim was a neuroscience researcher focused on identifying functional correlates of anatomical brain abnormalities.