C. Lee Warren was appointed Chief Information Security Officer at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) in October, 2003.  He is responsible for corporate wide leadership in the development and implementation of IT security strategies.  In this role, he has introduced many new technologies to the corporation in improving their security posture.

Mr. Warren has presented to UTC’s board of director’s and regularly updates the CEO and President.

Mr. Warren is also responsible for eDiscovery, investigations and forensics.   In this capacity he was presented the 2009 CEIC productivity award for Demonstrated Business Improvement/Efficiency Gains.

Mr. Warren was previously the Chief Information Officer for Otis Europe and Global infrastructure executive for Otis World Headquarters, a UTC division.   In this role he implemented Pan European projects including application development and infrastructure consolidation.  Prior to that he headed the IT Audit function for UTC.

He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and has performed post graduate work.