Kevin Walker has spent over twenty-five years in various computer science and information
technology disciplines, focusing primarily on global enterprise applications, network design and
information security. He brings his world-wide experience to assist in identifying and addressing
the key information security risks facing your organization.

Prior to launching Venture Focus, Kevin served most recently the Director & Group Information Security Officer (GISO) for Intuit responsible for the Small Business Unit. Prior to this role Kevin served as Sr. Director & Chief Security Strategist at Cisco Systems and led the CISO Trusted Advisor program to foster a peer-to-peer relationship with Cisco Systems’ leading customer’s Security Officers and executives worldwide. He has also served as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Symantec Corporation, VERITAS Software as well as Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Director of Information Security for several companies in many industry sectors. Kevin has also built one of the first managed security services providers supporting numerous Fortune 100 companies.

Over the course of his career, Kevin has held increasingly responsible research, engineering, senior management and Fortune 500 executive roles. As an Information Security practitioner, Kevin has a proven track record of InfoSEC team development, policy and technology alignment with the business to deliver a credible, sound and sustainable security posture for the enterprise.
Kevin has worked as an engineer and researcher for Digital Equipment Corporation, EDS, SAIC, SRI International and the University of California at Berkeley. He has extensive experience in securing enterprise applications, intrusion detection and prevention, incident response, strong authentication and voice biometrics.

In addition to his interest in information security, Kevin has longstanding professional interests in networking protocols, securing applications at the atomic level, cryptography and speech biometrics. In these areas he was a key member of the engineering teams that developed secure video telephony over conventional telephone lines, speaker independent telephony-based voice
recognition and broadcast quality distributed video.

Kevin is an accomplished international public speaker regularly addressing issues ranging from technology adoption, process optimization, and regulatory impact to IT and industry trends.