Dr. Shane Shook joined ZeroFOX as Chief Strategy Officer and VP of West Coast Operations. He is highly respected in the field and by the global Fortune 100 for his leadership in forensic investigations and incident analysis and response in many of the high profile breaches of the last two decades. Before joining ZeroFOX Dr. Shook was the Chief Knowledge Officer for Cylance. Prior to Cylance he worked with McAfee as an independent consultant and with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LECG and KPMG where he led services teams as a Managing Director. A veteran of the USAF, he also served as a Cryptologic Linguist for 10 years. Dr. Shook has a PhD in Organization and Management, Communications Technology, an MBA, a Bachelor of Technology Management, and AAS in Applied Communications Technology, as well as a Diploma in Modern Standard Arabic.