Diego is currently the global Cyber Security Operations Manager for Schlumberger. His experience covers Operations Management over the CyberSOC, Schlumberger Regional Cyber Security Engagement, eForensics, Threat Hunting and Threat Intelligence teams. He is responsible for supporting the overall information security strategy for Schlumberger and is recognized for his leadership and management in all aspects of Cyber Security and IT throughout the company and within the community. This includes all layers of defense, from eForensics and eDiscovery teams, which deliver internal services provided to Schlumberger for any allegation case to capturing information required by FMA and NOCA. Threat Intelligence and Hunting are new services we are incorporating to collaborate with external parties (clients, vendors, and competitors) along with governmental agencies to identify and countermeasure new threats as they are developed and deployed on our domain. The Engagement Team provides the direct interface with the business in the geographies to drive adoption of new Cyber Security initiatives and provide interactive training and awareness programs to our extended security teams and employees. The Engagement Team ensures we are providing a relevant, agile, effective, and timely solution to our larger organization. Our Next Generation Cyber Security Operations Center (CyberSOC) is a state-of-the art dual country (Houston, TX and Kuala Lumpur) 24x7 organization tailored to comply with the latest industry frameworks. The CyberSOC is built around technology to leveraging innovation and automation to streamline and strengthen security, and enables people who deploy technology to thwart attacks. Our 100% available staff constantly monitors and responds to known threats, employing automation and artificial intelligent to proactively seek out and prevent potential attacks, both known and unknown. This focus on building around technology results in increases in speed and responsiveness and reduction of operational security costs.

Before rejoining the Cyber Security team in Houston back in January 2020, Diego was IT Manager for most of the Schlumberger business units in Latin America and managed IT operations with the help of a team of +25, covering +70 sites in 6 countries, supporting over 5000 users. Diego assigned the following IT operations roles and responsibilities: IT On site User Support, Business Applications, Infrastructure Servers, IT Security (Forensics and Data Recovery), IT Connectivity (office and field) and Real-Time Transmission (Remote Operations) support. This team has been the key enabler of the Digital Transformation at the local geographies and the driver of many global and local initiatives to make a step change to enhance our IT user's collaboration and efficiency.

Through his vision, he successfully transitioned Schlumberger from legacy in-house PKI to a more robust infrastructure which allowed our migration to the cloud. His experience in successfully deploying advanced technologies and approaches also spans Incident Response, Advance Threat Prevention, and Digital Right Management to Watermark & Fingerprint sensitive documents and Next Generation PKI. He also relaunched the Schlumberger Cyber Security Special Interest Group team to foster collaboration with other IT groups on all related Cyber Security topics. Diego is also known for applying his Lean Six Sigma expertise for measuring performance and creating dashboards that have led to more simple operations and reduction of waste by means of agile automation of repetitive tasks.

Diego is also an active volunteer trainer for Security Certifications such as CISSP, and has mentored many current members of the Schlumberger IT Teams, while acting as member of the IT Technical Advisory Board where he reviews the T&D curriculum for the IT organization, in particular IT OnSite and Cyber Security teams, designing and maintaining the Champion Framework program to align resources to the IT Digital Strategy.