Georgie Pender-Bey has 15 years experience in the IT and Information Security industry.

Georgie is the Manager of Network Security in Aegon Global Information Security Services function. He manages Aegon’s enterprise network comprised of servers, workstations, switches, routers and layered-security devices. He is responsible for raising security awareness through the creation and implementation of security policies, technological enhancements, and employee education. Georgie constantly takes advantage of opportunities to improve his personal skill-set and is a strong believer in teamwork and collaboration.

Georgie has been with Aegon for 5 years. Prior to taking over the Network Security Team, Georgie was Aegon’s Product Owner for NextGen Security, where he led efforts to enhance/modernize Aegon's network security capabilities globally.

Prior to joining Aegon, Georgie was an IT Security Engineer for Zurich Insurance Company. He has held a variety of Information Security and IT roles at UroPartners, M.D. Practice Solutions, DPS Sciences and Advanced Technologies Group.