Yusuf Kapadia is ADP’s Global Operations Manager for the Critical Incident Response Center (CIRC) in Roseland, New Jersey. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of two regional center of excellence Americas CIRCs; located in Roseland, New Jersey and Augusta, Georgia. He has operational and tactical oversight of ADP’s CIRC teams located in the US, EU and Asia and provides 24x7 eyes on glass monitoring for ADP’s global infrastructure, primarily defending against Cyber espionage and Financial Fraud.

Yusuf earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from Pune University, India and has more than 10 years’ experience in Information Security across the globe. He has been with ADP since 2011 working specifically with CIRC teams.

Prior to joining ADP, Yusuf worked in networking and information security at Wipro, Symantec and Linksys. He lives in New Jersey with his wife Fatema and two toddler girls Sakina and Lamia. The family shares a common passion of being avid travelers and foodies.