James Hillier has obtained many titles over the years, US Marine, Pilot, Father, Grandfather, Inventor (four patents) and currently is the Associated CIO/CISO for Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC). CPCC has been part of the Charlotte NC landscape for over 50 years. With many business partners and more than six campuses helping to create environments that generate positive, nurturing and learning-focused experiences for our students.

Before taking the opportunity at CPCC, James was the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Stanly Community College and one of his tasks there was to create and maintain national partnerships, which led to a three-way partnership with Cisco System and Communication Workers of America. With being in the Information Technology sector for more than 30 years, James has seen a most of the transformation of the field and has firsthand experiences at most of the changes, everything from hollerith cards and programing on main frames, advanced manufacturing automation coupled in today’s environment of IT security and compliance.