He began his career in law enforcement as an FBI Special Agent—based in New York City and at headquarters in Washington, D.C.—and also served as a judge for the Southern District of New York. Landmark investigations and prosecutions for which he’s been recognized include: the Oklahoma City bombing, Waco, the Unabomber, the Centennial Olympic Park bombing, Robert Hanssen and the “Pizza Connection” mafia case. An expert on corporate governance and financial disclosure (including the Sarbanes Oxley Act), his private-sector resume includes a stint as a general counsel with MBNA, a Fortune 200 company. Louis Freeh now serves on the Boards of Directors of Fannie Mae and of Bristol-Myers Squibb. He is also an independent consultant on legal and corporate affairs.

Freeh is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Rutgers College, and received a JD from Rutgers Law School and an LLM from New York University. A first lieutenant in the U.S. Army JAG Corps Reserve, he currently resides in Virginia with his wife, Marilyn.