David Evans has an extensive career in the public sector, but his impact in public education has been the most extensive — more than 33 years serving with the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools. From 1971-79, he worked as a government contractor in data analysis and programming. He moved into education with the Chaffey Joint Union High School District as its COBOL programmer in 1979. He left Chaffey to join County Schools in 1984, also as a COBOL programmer. He recalls working with IBM Displaywriters with 8-inch floppy discs as a one-man department for County Schools. There were no mainframes and no networks. At County Schools, he developed and implemented a wide area network with 14400k and 9600k backbones. He also implemented HP3000 hardware and installed/maintained financial software. He became the administrator for HP3000 and developed a COBOL program during his first year at County Schools (and three over his career). His proficiency and scope grew as technology advanced, experiencing AppleTalk, Novell, 802.3, wireless and then Word Perfect, Visicalc, Harvard Graphics, TRS80s, as well as Hewlett Packard and Dell desktop solutions. When the advent of the Internet and Microsoft exploded, David was there to guide County Schools and assist the 33 school districts — more than 540 schools with 18,000 teachers and 406,000 students who attend K-12 public schools in the county. His one-man shop has grown to a staff of 22, as they have advanced to develop network security solutions, starting with Anti Virus solutions and rudimentary firewalls to today’s highly advanced programs. He is the tech guru of County Schools and has been for more than one-third of a century. His guidance and expertise is unmatched in technology solutions for our county’s public schools.