Mark Coderre is the Head of Security Architecture for Aetna. His responsibilities include development, funding and oversight of Aetna’s strategic security program. This comprehensive program balances Aetna’s IT compliance, data protection and business enablement needs. In 2008, Aetna was awarded the Liberty Identity Deployment of the Year award and was subsequently featured in Healthcare IT News. Mr. Coderre has been active in the identity assurance space as it applies to the healthcare sector.

In his 20+ year career with Aetna, Mr. Coderre has provided continuous leadership and risk management in the evolution from early distributed system security to centralized federated identity and access management capabilities. His efforts and designs have allowed Aetna to effectively provide safe and seamless access for millions of Aetna’s Customers, Employees, Brokers and Providers.   A long-standing evangelist of the business value of properly architected security, Mr. Coderre has been sought after and represents Aetna on a variety of industry forums, interviews, standards committees, customer meetings and advisory boards.

Mr. Coderre is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University.