Janeine Rose Charpiat is a Director of Product Security and Services at Philips. Philips is at the forefront of the COVID-19 response transformation. The key opportunities for response transformation are extending care delivery, optimizing clinical and operational workflows, and robust interoperability and security. The Philips Product Security team is dedicated to ensuring the security of patients, operators and customers who use Philips products and services.

Cybersecurity can impact telehealth, patient monitoring, imaging and more during COVID-19 response for chronic and acute care needs of citizens, service members, veterans and their families. Cybersecurity risks are not just to the medical device but to the patient receiving care and their information.

Philips is a committed leader in medical device cybersecurity. Janeine upholds the Philips global Product Security Policy, ensuring the company conducts extensive, ongoing analysis of products and services, often in collaboration with customers and researchers, to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.