Matthew Archibald is a 24 year IT professional, a 20-year veteran of the information security and risk management field and is internationally recognized as an expert in the discipline.

Archibald began his career with Sun Microsystems, joining the company shortly after its inception. After leaving Sun, Archibald worked with leading companies around the world defining their security procedures and protocols. These companies include KLA-Tencor, the world's leading supplier of process control and yield management solutions; . Applied Materials is the global leader in Nanomanufacturing Technologyâ„¢ solutions with a broad portfolio of innovative equipment, service and software products for the fabrication of semiconductor chips, flat panel displays, solar photovoltaic cells, flexible electronics and energy efficient glass, and Palm Computer, the world-wide leader in the PDA market, He became a security consultant and for several years helped build digital defenses for Fortune 100 companies. Springing from that work, he founded Elemental Security with Dan Farmer, a company specializing in host based enterprise policy and risk management technology.

Archibald now works at Silver Spring Networks and serves as the Vice President Information Security and Chief Information Security Officer. Silver Spring Networks is a market leader in smart grid that delivers the standards-based, IPv6 networking technology, software and services that create energy networks solutions to empower faster and more reliable connections, provide greater reliability, scale with higher performance and allow energy devices (smart meters, electric vehicles, etc.) to seamlessly work better together in the Internet of Things.