Dave Aitel, CEO of Immunity Inc. (www.immunityinc.com), is a former 'computer scientist' for the National Security Agency. His firm specializes in offensive security and consults for large financial institutions, Fortune/Global 500s and industrial sites.

At 18, he was recruited by the NSA and served six years at its headquarters in Fort Meade. Prior to founding Immunity Inc. in 2002, he served as a security consultant for @stake.

Today, his company has offices in Miami Beach, Washington D.C., Italy and Argentina. Immunity develops advanced hacking tools used by the security industry, including Canvas, Silica, Stalker, Accomplice, Spike, Spike Proxy, Unmask - and, most recently Swarm, a mass-hacking tool that can scan one million IP addresses per hour (i.e., Iran in4.5 hours, Syria in 30 minutes). Immunity is also a contractor on DARPA’s Fast Track cyber weapons program.

Dave is a co-author of “The Hacker’s Handbook,” “The Shellcoder’s Handbook” and “Beginning Python.” He is also the founder of Infiltrate Con and the widely read Daily Dave Mailing List.